Wooden Crab Traps And How To Get Them

Wooden Crab Traps are tool to bait or lure crabs. The main materrial of them is wood. You can get wooden Crab Traps by buy on amazon or make them by yourself.

In the past, when society has not developed as it is now, all fishing is almost purely natural. To catch the crabs, people often use wood crab traps.

However, as society develops, different types of traps made of other comfortable materials have also emerged. But, one of them is strictly prohibited by law because of its potential to damage the environment and marine resources. Therefore, many people with their hobby of catching crabs have chosen eco-friendly traps made of wood.

Wooden crab traps are made easily
Wooden crab traps are made easily

Also, if your crab trap is made of wood it will make your cage sink faster and better camouflage and deceive the crabs. And they are usually most effective for stone crab.

One special thing is that the wood crab traps are often allowed by the government to use because if you accidentally lose it underwater, it will not harm the crabs that are trapped much.

And now, we will come to how you can own wooden crab traps.

Buying the wooden crab trap on the market

To get your wooden crab trap, you can buy Joy Fish Wooden Stone Crab Trap on the market.


First, we will come to the Joy Fish Wooden trap. It is designed so that you can catch stone crab.

This type of trap is recommended as the fastest and easiest way to catch your crabs. It appears to be created to resemble old-fashioned traditional crab traps. However, do not worry about its effectiveness. Some past users reviewed it well for their ability to keep the crabs on.

It is firmly constructed of industrial wood. If you are careful in the process of using it, it will have a long life for many years both for commercial or entertainment use.

You can buy wooden crab traps on Amazon
You can buy wooden crab traps on Amazon

With the natural wood color, this wooden crab trap has a size of 16 “x16” x12 “so that you can pull up many crabs at a time.

However, if you want to drop it to the desired depth, you need to consider adding extra weight to the trap so it can sink well in the water. And usually, you can use cement with wire mesh or you can also use attached nails to form solid concrete.


  • Made from long-life industrial wood
  • The cage pieces look very sturdy
  • Highly rated by many users


  • Consider attaching more heavy objects to the trap
  • Not a 100% built-in trapĀ 

Make your wooden crab trap by yourself

In the case that you do not want to buy wooden crab traps, you can still make your own according to the way we instruct. And we will show you a wooden crab trap for stone crab.


You need to prepare:

– A wooden board 3/4 inch or so thick. Then cut the wood that you have prepared into 27 bars of 16 inches long, 4 wooden slats with a length of 12 inches to form 4 columns at the 4 corners of the trap, 2 8 inch wooden bars.

– Screws, wood nails

– Hinge

– Crab funnel

– Ropes and buoys

– Concrete

– Saws (both wood and electric)

– Hammer

– Drill


Now we will proceed to make your wooden crab trap!

Traps body

You’ll proceed to put them together. You place 5 16-inch slats on top of 2 12-inch slats so that the ends of the 16-inch slats lie on the 2 12-inch bars and are spaced (about 1 inch) apart. Similarly, you do the next 5 16-inch wooden bars with 2 remaining 12-inch wooden bars to get 2 rectangular wooden frames.

Continue using the 10 16-inch wooden slats to connect 2 newly completed wooden frames with 5 bars on each side to create a rectangular box surrounded by wooden slats. And fix them with nails.

You can make wooden crab traps with some popular materials
You can make wooden crab traps with some popular materials

Trap bottom

if you want to use this wooden crab trap on the target to catch stone crabs, you just need to pour concrete instead of sealing them with wood.

Mix the concrete mixture well (about 40 pounds) and pour it into the bottom of the trap body. Then let it dry after 24 hours.

Trap cap

To be able to create the trap cover, use 5 16-inch wooden bars fixed together with 2 16-inch wooden bars placed parallel and perpendicular to the above 5 bars. Be sure to place them off the edges and have a gap inside so you can insert your funnel into the trap’s cap.

Continue using the 8-inch bar you have pre-cut and fixed to the cap. You should place them in 2 positions between the 16-inch wooden bar and the edge of the cap and on two different sides.

To be able to attach the funnel, cut them with a sufficient hole and fix it with nails.

Complete assembly

After you have prepared the body and the lid, fix them with the 2 hinges.

To be able to securely close the trap you can create wooden rotating pegs. However, you can also use zinc or a strong rope to tie through the gaps.

Finally, attach ropes and buoys to the trap. Depending on the desired water depth you can adjust the length of the rope. With this, you will be able to set and mark your trap to remember its position when you retrieve your wooden crab trap back.

Should you buy or make your wooden crab trap?

The above are two ways that we introduce you to have your wooden crab trap both to buy or make. Which one to choose will depend on your situation.

If you are a busy person and not skillful in manual work, you should buy them. However, it will be a bit expensive on your budget.

But on the contrary, if you have a lot of time, a little skill, and want to take advantage of the leftover pieces of wood in the house, it will be great for you to do. However, you need to consider buying parts of a wooden crab trap. And if you are not careful it will cost you more money than buying a complete trap.


Whether you want to buy or want to be a wooden crab trap, it is imperative to consider your conditions. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. After careful consideration, you should do what you want. With the 2 ways, we will introduce you to surely get the wooden crab trap for yourself.

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