Top 7 Best Basketball Insoles You Can Choose

Your instinct and the combination of comfortable attire are what make you a beast on the basketball court. A decent shoe with the essential insole will absorb the impact, allowing you to enjoy an injury-free comfortable experience.
If you are searching over the internet for a pair of quality insoles to attach to your sneaker, these seven best basketball insoles are worth considering.
We, as a team, have been working with sports footwear for a long time. Hence we know what would serve you the best.
So, without wasting any more words here, let’s dive right into the discussion-
Our Picks
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Best basketball insoles
1. Envelop Gel Insoles

Support, flexibility, and comfort are what you look for in an insole. If so, this ergonomically designed insole from Envelop is here to serve you in the best way possible. You can expect maximum traction and support with the honeycomb design. On top of that, by absorbing the impact of the shock created by your feet, this one will ensure that you are always safe from any kinds of injuries. With the breathable material, lightweight construction, and neutral arch design, these gel insoles are ready to give a boost to your performance.
Gel insoles will support your feet by relieving pain.
The unique honeycomb design will also reduce pain by absorbing the impact of the step.
This one comes with neutral medium and low arch variations.
The layer of firmer gel will support the feet conveniently.
The lightweight and durable material of the insole will be handy to retain shape and flexibility.
You will get the optimum amount of support and stability.
The materials are breathable enough to keep your feet dry and healthy.
These insoles will keep sweat and odor away.
The neutral arch support will prevent plantar fasciitis.
The perfect cushioning of the insole will show maximum resilience.
The size of the insole can be an issue for many persons. But you can always customize the size by using a trimmer.

2.Dr. Scholl’s Insoles for Women Extra Support Pain Relief Orthotics Shoe Inserts

Dr. Scholl’s insoles are one of the best insoles to keep your feet safe and secure in any situation. Many would only attach Dr. Scholl’s insole to their shoe to stay safe from pain, injuries, and foot fatigue. If you are a woman and love playing basketball or any other sport regularly, these insoles are ready to give you relief with arch guard technology. The full-length cushioning will reduce the foot impact, ensuring extra comfort. Moreover, the shock guard technology is here to keep you safe from plantar fasciitis. On top of that, you will get maximum stability with the inclusion of a deep heel cup.
Full-length cushioning will ensure maximum comfort.
The arch guard technology will ensure extra support.
The shock guard technology will absorb maximum impact force.
The inclusion of the deep heel cup will ensure maximum stability.
Heavy-duty construction.
These insoles are great for reducing back pain and injuries.
These insoles are compatible with shoes, sneakers, and boots.
The extra arch support will reduce foot fatigue.
The perfect weight distribution will ensure a comfortable experience.
The low-end price range should make this one suitable for all types of people.
Only a nominal amount of consumers claim that these insoles create creaky sounds while walking. In that case, the size of the insole may be the problem. Consider cutting the layer a little bit to ensure essential fit.
3. PCSsole Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts Insoles for Flat Feet

These insoles are specifically designed for dealing with all kinds of foot pain issues. The Unisex design of these insoles makes these insoles compatible with all types of legs. With the proper arch support, this insole will keep the foot’s balance straight, keeping your feet safe from overpronation, heel pain, or plantar fasciitis. The insole’s thin pad design will ensure that these insoles are compatible with all types of footwear, including sneakers, shoes, and boots. On top of that, the insole’s EVA foam cushioning will provide a comfortable experience in any situation.
The non-slip fabric will ensure enough traction while walking.
You will get maximum comfort with the EVA foam cushioning.
These insoles are available in US 4-13 feet sizes.
The latex pad inserts of the shoe will absorb maximum walk impact.
The deep heel cradle will keep your foot balance straight.
You will remain safe from issues like flat foot, heel pain, ver pronation, and plantar fasciitis.
These insoles will ensure the balance between your foot and spinal cord.
The higher arch support of the insole will be handy to get the optimum help.
You will be able to choose these insoles for all ages of people.
The mid-range budget makes this one suitable for all types of people.
You may need to insert an arch support insert to raise the level of the arches.
4. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts Relieve Flat Feet, High Arch, Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot injury that most basketball players suffer. If you are having a tough time with plantar fasciitis or foot pain, these insoles from Walk Hero Comfort and Support are here to relieve you. These insoles are suitable for all types of footwear with three different variations, including shoes, sneakers, and boots. These insoles are going to keep your feet stable and comfortable with the deep stabilizing heel cup. Besides, the breathable fabric will be handy to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and sweat-free. Looking for a medical assistant? These insoles are ready to be-
Your foot will always remain stable and comfortable with the deep stabilizing heel cup.
The breathable fabric will keep your feet dry and sweat-free.
The higher arch support will reduce foot fatigue, keeping you comfortable all the time.
The high-density foam cushioning will provide maximum comfort and balance.
These insoles are available in three variations.
These insoles are compatible with any footwear that has removable insoles.
The built-in silicone material will absorb every amount of shock, keeping you safe from plantar fasciitis.
These insoles are more like your medical assistant.
You will get to choose these insoles from more minor to larger sizes.
The three-layer construction will always keep you in your comfort zone.
You may need to customize the size to ensure appropriate fitting.

5.PCSSOLE High Arch Support Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet

With the unisex design, these insoles are suitable for both men and women suffering from flat feet, back pain, or foot pain symptoms. These insoles are for those who are looking for essential stability while moving. Both men and women can expect to get maximum strength with the higher arch support. These insoles also include breathable fabric and superior memory foam cushioning, keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and sweat-free throughout the whole day. These insoles also have a deep u-shape heel cup, making your feet more stable and more comfortable.
The breathable fabric with memory foam cushioning will keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the whole day.
The higher arch support will distribute the pressure proportionately, keeping you fit and stable.
The u-shaped deep heel cup design will give you excellent control over your feet.
The angular heel design will prevent pronation and supination.
These insoles are available from US 4-13 sizes.
These insoles are an excellent solution for both inward and outward foot types.
The price of these insoles should be another reason to have one.
These insoles will ensure slip-on fitting.
These insoles have the potential to prevent knee and back pain.
The breathable material will prevent nasty odor from building up.
These insoles may not ensure maximum comfort but will ensure high-end stability.
6.Shock Doctor Skate Insole

Want to keep your feet safe from shock? Shock Doctor is here to bring forth help. These insoles have the potential to give you relief from any severe foot issue. These insoles will prevent branching out or any existing back pain or foot injuries. On top of that, these insoles are ready to give you a boost in any sporting environment. One of the main reasons you should have these insoles is the adaptable arch support. These insoles can comply with any foot type. Whether you need higher or lower arch support, these insoles are for everyone.
The adaptive arch construction makes these insoles suitable for all arch variations.
The insole cushioning of the insole will absorb the shock to give a comfortable experience.
The inclusion of the air/fx top cover makes this one suitable for any sporting event.
The lightweight construction of the shoe will ensure better support and balance.
These insoles are available in every available size.
You will get relief from severe foot pain problems.
These insoles will ensure snug-fitting.
These insoles will provide athletic support to anyone.
These are compatible with any footwear.
You will get extra protection for back pain or plantar fasciitis.
These insoles may seem a little expensive for some people, but it’s all good for the better good.
7. VKTRY Performance Insoles for Men

If you are a dedicated athlete who loves to spend a lot of your time on the court, these expensive insoles are for you to help. These are the world’s first carbon fiber insoles that are designed to keep your feet safe and sound in any situation. The aerospace-grade carbon fiber base that you won’t notice in any insoles around the world will boost your performance. Besides, preventing foot injuries or alleviating existing injuries will be much easier with these insoles. If you are very much serious about your account and safety, these insoles have the potential to defeat any insoles available on the market.
These are the world’s first carbon fiber insoles.
These insoles are available in three different variations.
The flexes of these insoles will ensure added shock absorption.
The comfortable foam top cover of the insole will ease the injury recovery process.
The optimum arch design will provide support to any foot’s size.
You will get the optimum balance in any situation.
These insoles will prevent the foot from getting any rough injuries.
Curing existing injuries will be more beneficial with these insoles.
These insoles will ensure more athletic performance.
These insoles will help to get extra distance.
The price of these insoles is more than expensive. These insoles are not for casual users. If you are a professional athlete or facing severe back pain or injuries, these are for you.
What is a basketball insole?
The basketball insole is the shoe insole that needs to attach to the player’s sneaker to reduce the risk of injuries or back pain. Besides, a convenient insole can speed up the recovery process as well. Other than injuries, an insole can help to boost up your performance too.
Who should get basketball insole?
Players or individuals who are very much prone to injuries should always use an external insole to alleviate the risk of injuries. Besides, if you want to improve your performance, a basketball insole is always there to bring forth help.
Do insoles hurt at first?
Attaching a new insole to your sneakers, shoes, or boots may hurt a little at first. After walking or running for a couple of minutes, the pain should go away. The insole takes a little time to adjust, which may cause pain.
Do insoles make shoes tighter?
Attaching a new insole to your shoe can indeed make your shoes a little tighter. Many people consider changing their shoe insole to ensure snug-fitting as well. After a couple of days, the shoe tends to return to its previous shape.
Do NBA players wear insoles?
Most NBA players tend to remove their insole from their shoes. That does not mean they don’t use any insoles. The built-in insoles tend to work less, making the players vulnerable to injuries. That is why they use customized insoles to boost their performance.
Buying Guide
Arch Support:
The arch support of the insole determines the stability of the shoe. The arch of the insole can be of three different types. The lower arch support helps to have balance. The mid and higher arch support helps to get maximum response. If you want better stability, choosing between medium and higher arch support should be ideal.
The Thickness:
The thickness of the insoles absorbs the foot’s impact, making the movement more comfortable and convenient. If you want to feel comfortable and cozy while making your movement, it is mandatory to choose an insole with the right thickness. It is never ideal to select a very thick insole. Consider having a mid-thick insole to have a convenient experience.
Odor Protection:
Wearing the shoe for a long time can create nasty odors, distracting and uncomfortable in certain situations. To ensure that you are free from ugly fragrances, choose an insole with higher breathability.
Shock Absorption:
We prefer choosing an insole so that we can remain safe from foot fatigue and injuries. A good quality insole will have a decent shock absorption mechanism. Consider selecting an insole that will reduce the foot impact by absorbing the shock.
The insole cushioning of the shoe is another important factor that you should not miss looking at while purchasing a new insole to attach to your shoe. A convenient insole cushioning will reduce foot fatigue, making your movement cozy and comfortable.
Measure Your Foot:
You always should pick up the insole according to the size of your feet. It is also possible to customize the length by trimming the insole in the correct position. Think about customizing the scope only if you fail to find the right-sized insole for your foot.
An insole is an excellent pain reliever. That is why we think about attaching an external insole to our shoe. A decent insole should never create pain in your feet.
A good quality shoe insole should always come with a lightweight feature. Choosing a heavy insole enhances the weight of the shoe too.
It is possible to find an insole with a price range of 7$ dollars to as much as 100$ dollars. Choosing between 15$ dollars to 40$ dollars should be okay for casual shoes. For sporting shoes, the price might be a little higher.
Final Thoughts
A shoe insole is what makes your movement comfortable and cozy. If you are a casual runner or a professional athlete, consider attaching one to your shoe to keep you safe from injuries and foot fatigue. If you are searching for one, these seven insoles are ready to serve you in the best way possible.

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