Top 5 crab trap wires mesh you can buy

Crab trap wire is an essential accessory to make crab trap. They can be made of zinc, iron or other raw materials. Depending on the type of crab you catch, you will choose different types of trap wire.

There are many different types of crab traps on the market. Satisfy your needs from recreational crab fishing to professional crab catching. However, not everyone likes to buy ready-made traps.

For ready-made traps doesn’t always work out. Hence many people love the texture of a cage at their disposal. And the DIY coop is the best solution for them.

Therefore, you will need to purchase materials for the implementation. And one of the indispensable ingredients is crab trap wire.

Do not think you can use any wire for your crab trap because some wires are not accordant. Usually, crab traps require a wire of a certain hardness. Also, you should consider the size and type of wire mesh. And an important point is the durability you want as well as the cost of crab trap wire.

So, now let’s see how crab trap wire is sold on the market today!

Top 5 crab trap wires you can buy for your trap

Trap Wire-Vinyl Coated Hex

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If you pay close attention, this is a type of crab trap wire used to create quite a few prestigious traps on the school market.

This crab trap wire is covered with vinyl and coated with a PVC layer after welding the mesh. Hence it has the potential to protect your trap. It helps to resist rust and corrosive elements. Besides, the life of the trap made from this type of crab trap wire is quite long.

It is designed with an attractive appearance. Its meshes are made of a hexagon with a moderate size. Not too big or small. And ideal for crabs you want to “fall into the trap”.

This trap crab roll measures 24 “in height and 150 ft in length. It is manufactured using Shepherd Steel in the United States.

It is also provided with a variety of color options to choose from.


● Durable

● Anti-rust vinyl coating

● Moderate mesh size.


● No retail sales of rolls

Galvanized Hex

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Next, we will come to crab trap wire that can use in saltwater environments.

This wire mesh is very suitable for crab traps. It’s made of top-quality galvanized steel made in the United States by Texas wire maker Keystone, making it easy to craft your crab traps.

It also has a hexagonal mesh and is quite sturdy.

In one roll like this, they will supply you in size 24”x150ft. It seems a bit cheaper than vinyl crab trap wire. 

They can also help you with barns, garden fences, and more. So you absolutely can use them as a solution to bring more budget savings for you.


● Multipurpose

● Appropriate size

● Relatively cheap


● Durability is not high.

● No retail roll

Trap Wire-Vinyl Coated Square Mesh 1-1/2 “x1-1/2”

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If you love the durability of vinyl-coated material, we will introduce to you another type of crab trap wire produced by American brand Shepherd Steel. It has a rated lifespan on par with the hexagonal mesh wire we showed you at the top of the list.

This type of wire is designed with square meshes. Many trapping professionals will know with this mesh the tendency for your traps to be cleaner. Less sticky with moss or mud than other types of mesh and high aesthetics.

Therefore its price also seems to be more expensive than the above products we recommend quite a lot.


● Durable material

● Mesh of square wire

● Long service life


● Expensive

Trap Wire-Vinyl Coated Square Mesh 1/2 “x1/2”×1-2

When you want to make crab trap wire, the size of the mesh is essential. It even determines the success of the crab trap. You need to choose a type of large mesh for the large-size crabs, but for blue crab or some small crabs, you can use a mesh size 1/2 “x1 / 2”. However, this is not the most optimal size.

This type of crab trap wire is also made from a high-strength vinyl-coated steel material. However, its small eye will not be suitable for some types of crabs. But you can use it for shrimp, crawfish.


● Durable material

● You can use it to make blue crab and some types of shrimp.


● Not suitable for giant crabs

● Expensive

Amagabeli 6ft x 100ft

Finally, we would like to introduce a type of wire that can be used as crab trap wire manufacturer Amagabeli. This type of wire is galvanized before welding. And it has a stiffness that’s ideal for catching crabs because of its bearing capacity. Compared with vinyl-coated stainless steels, it will not last much longer, but it is more than enough to last longer for wooden traps.

This wire coil is 6ft wide by 100ft long. And you see, it’s pretty much cheaper where the product we’ve introduced to you. Its rectangular mesh will give you highly aesthetic traps.

If you do not use them up, you can still use fencing around the garden, flower beds, plants, vegetable gardens, and very effective fencing rodents like antelopes, panda, and deer, goat, deer, sheep, cat, dog.

That’s so convenient! 


● Cheap

● Hardness is suitable

● Has the aesthetic


● Not too durable


You can find and buy crab trap wire for yourself at building materials stores or crab fishing equipment stores. But you need to research them all over again and see if they are suitable for making crab traps.

Above is a summary of crab trap wire types that we can introduce to you. They may not be the most cost-effective things possible. But they are perfect for making your crab traps.

Besides, to increase the homemade traps’ effectiveness, you also need to research the type of crab you want to catch and buy some other parts such as ropes, buoys, etc.

We hope the above information is beneficial to you.

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