Top 3 Worst YouTubers


1. Onision


This man is scumbag on many levels. His account ought to be declared from using YouTube ever, and he ought to be prohibited.
He acts like He’s so smart, but he’s 0 brain tissues, and He’s a massive hypocrite.
Onision does warn his audiences and does state that it is for amusement purposes. I am not saying you must locate his movies entertaining, but give him credit for being a bit considerate. I am only sharing my opinion like everybody else, so please do not devour me.
Take a look at the bright side, he dropped Chris Hansen, and his Patreon went after him.

2. PewDiePie


He’s best known for Vlogs and his Let’s Play commentaries on YouTube. He’s famous for being the very subscribed-to YouTuber on the Web Site
This is a joke. This guy has raised thousands for charity, and he has come to be a figure for speech that is free and has provided entertainment. Not only are those remarks that have a sense of humor probably make them. You have to quit somebody who’s done awful, and much celebrated.
He’s the channel that retains the soul of youtube: the meaning that YouTubers are not actors, and that anybody can be a YouTuber, but your buddies in a manner.
He does not even belong to the listing.
Yes, he’s made errors. Yes, he went to a couple of places. However, that does not? He has changed, and that’s something that I could say about lots of those men and women that were rated lower with this listing than Felix.
He unoriginal offensive and his supporters are overly-sensitive and obsessed; it makes me ill. I despise Pewdiepie over iJustine Onision, RayWilliamJohnson, and Tobuscus COMBINED.
I can not believe you say he’s worse than Onision. You have heard of the things that Onision states.
I am surprised that he has subs; he is not funny. He’s a general dumbass, and also his station stinks.

3. Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

I realized that the Everyday Bro of It is a track towards PewDiePie. “Passed all of the contest, guy, and PewDiePie is adjacent.”
He is among the people. Of course, he had been fired from Disney.
Just watch”instructor diss track.” Kudos for you, if you figure out how to make it survive the cringe. That is poor: it wrong.
He must be in the place. (Yes, I believe Onision is relatively bad and consequently deserves to remain where he is.)


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