Top 3 Worst YouTube Channels


1. Onision


Gregory Daniel Jackson, Famous by His Own YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet Character.
A narcissist hypocrite who’s so full of bashes on whatever and himself he participates. He also makes videos mocking meat-eaters, emos, and obesity.
I was subscribed until I saw his videos on self-harmers obesity, meat-eaters, and people of faith. He can be hypocritical towards everything and destroys his beliefs. He tells his audiences to”keep being you,” however, that is following a video of Stories very touchy subjects. And yes, He’s full of himself, he believes he is God’s gift to the entire world (or even a”higher power” in his eyes) He used to be offensive, so I believed, and I enjoyed his movies, but that changed. It is annoying after a while if it is to defend yourself on everything you did on your picture on your spouse, and of course, your station with a seizure. What is wrong with this man? What’s the higher with this listing!? Because I am a lover of Pewds, it is not. It is because Felix such, like raising money for charity and helps people outside.

2. Fred


Is listening to some 14-year older tell stories about things nobody cares about speeding up his voice to sound year old to be contemplated FUNNY?
Fred is a waste of oxygen. My brother is much more educated than him. Fred or”Lucas Kruishank” is merely an essential school drop out that believes he is funny speaking in a voice that everyone could create. The video I saw on his station was humorous. But I see all of the movies like this, and I am thinking to myself, “I can not believe they let those People Today breathe.” He should develop. It is a shame as they were that YouTubers are not as high. They are running out of ideas although they utilize exactly the subject for eight movies but change the words. And in speaking, we all know. I will begin YouTube in the summertime, and I am opting for skits and films. I will not beg, though, because fat girls do this, people join or to enjoy. I will let folks do what they need.
As he makes himself out to be, this guy is not just as much of an idiot. I expect that you understand that.

3. Jake Paul

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Both Logan and Jake Paul should be famous. Her best friend Brooke Much like Alissa Violet and GREEDY FOR FAME AND ATTENTION SEEKING FAT SO’S. Oh, wait. It is a ZERO PERCENT TALENT! I do not bother if it is the ABUSIVE TOWARDS WOMEN LOVING FURNITURE DESTROYER AND THE WORLD’S DUMBEST MAN WHO THINKS WHEN’S IT’S NOT THAT SUICIDE IS A JOKE. BOTH THEM AI N’T GOT NOTHING ON FAME. The twins who Jake mistreated of the Martinez are TALENTED and CUTER compared to Paul brothers.
Together with Jake Paul’s tunes, they establish that the rappers cannot replicate, the composers can’t write, the songwriters have, and now let’s see whether the dancers may dance. No, invest more time counting advertising revenue than singing our arms like a drunken Tarzan and expect no one suspects a single thing!
My buddy loves Jacob Sartorius and Jake Paul. I wonder why I am still her friend.
And I discovered she loves


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