Top 3 Worst Stand-Up Comedians Ever


1. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

She is co-producer the founder, co-writer and star of this sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer, that debuted on Comedy Central at 2013 and has received a Peabody Award.
I have a distaste for Schumer’s work. Although hate for her generally breeds sexist comments and remarks about her body fat, I feel she wants to be hailed as this gorgeous feminist star that isn’t ideal and that’s fine. It’s a fantastic message, but the issue isthat she has been able to take out that.
Are her jokes flat and disgusting, but she constantly steals jokes. This has been demonstrated several times, and many comedians have made allegations of her stealing jokes. It’s not something to write off because dozens of Youtube videos are created to compare her jokes into the accusers’ and they the same. That is a tragedy to comedy.

2. Dane Cook

Dane Cook
Dane Cook

Dane Jeffrey Cook is an American stand-up comic and movie actor.
He’s basically a Von Dutch hat which learned to shout really loudly.
You believe he’s building up to a punchline, but he suddenly veers off into some random rambling that isn’t damn funny.
Why is this man a comic? If he can just learn how to shut up he might be an extremely successful mime.
I have heard that many of his stuff is stolen, however, I am not sure whether it’s authentic. Not as amusing as contemporary civilization thinks. I really don’t enjoy his humor, similar to Aziz Ansari (who somehow pulls it off ) he just yells it attempts to make it sound funny together with how he pronounces it.

3. Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia
Carlos Mencia

I can not stand him. He steals jokes and the worst part is that they gave that idiot his very own show. I apologize and feel the need to vomit every time I see his face.
bothersome, stereotypical, retarded Mexican who steals jokes out of comedians way more fun than him. When he at least came up with his jokes, folks would laugh.
The most annoying personality rounded off using all the opinions of a stupid schmuck who thinks society is retarded when it’s just him and his stupid stereotypical character.
Made a livelihood based on other people’s substance, and that’s not amusing. He’s fessed up to it but just after his career.


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