Top 3 Warrior Cat Clan Names 1

Top 3 Warrior Cat Clan Names

1. Moonclan


I think that it would fit to get a replacement compared to a Clan, although it is a title that is alright.
I like the title, but a lot of individuals the names of oc begin with the moon. And that gets bothersome.
It is a clan name that is fantastic, does not get me wrong, but SO overused in the long term. I suggest thinking of something which reminds you of the title”Moonclan” (such as jelqing, mist, etc.), it worked !
I enjoy it, and I’m using it but its manner than warriors it’s own different

2. Seaclan


I believe that they are the river clan’s nomads. Till they discovered the sea outcasts of the family, they travelled. There
Stunning name! It’d be cool if apprentices needed to swim a length that is particular to prove themselves to become warriors. Or even fittings are daring each other! Entirely!
They’re like most of the hill dogs although if I seem stupid, I am composing a sort OF publication! All I can envision is that my Dog working on a beautiful stone while waves lap up against it and he cools relaxes!
I am given this sea! Seas and cats are my items, and they go well together.

3. Mossclan


I am likely to use it, and It’s a clan name I’ve!
I believe this is aa very unusual clan title I think with the bottom of those growing upward and round they’d dwell with pine trees that are twisted.
Mossclan seem the very best in my view I like it, and I’m using for my clan, a clan- MossClan, in case you have heard of these, and it’s mostly like wolves of that past. It’s all about groups of they and wolves battle and searches for survival, and they reside to an island that’s full of the individual, along with wolves.
This seems like (because I am performing dogs, not cats) that a clan where all of the members could hang out from the old rock temple which is their camp along with the pups play hide and seek. The nursery is decorated by a chilly rock wall which are covered in the moss has small pink flowers growing out of it!

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