Top 3 Ugliest Pokemon


1. Jynx


Jynx is made game fanatic & Nintendo. It was initially introduced in Pokemon crimson, green (blue out Japan)yellow edition. It could be based on a lot of different items (maybe not Nikki as she Wasn’t popular when Pokemon began ) such as ganguro, a fad for a girl in Japan in the 1990’s
This garbage pokemon made of my nightmares occur. Jynx was just one pokemon I cried at each time. Since it is the Pokemon to 20, it deserves to be tortured its life
It stinks. I mean, by it is just like the ugliest nightmare on earth!
I hate the noise of the voice of it I love Pokemon although maybe not this one and it’s so bothersome
I could not recall the majority of the titles. Not my creation pokemon-RRB- But anyhow, I Believe that this”Ludicolo” is pretty cute

2. Garbodor


I include a comment to say that you guys have a taste. Garbodor is a smart, attractive, fresh, and distinctive addition to this show in every manner. Pokemon is, first of all, MONSTERS. A number of these, if not a lot of these, ought to be frightening and bizarre.
Never conquer Eevee? Please. Eeveelutions are with. Whereas Pokemon, such as Garbodor, need to be THOUGHT to describe, it requires little to no creativity to lift a creature and call it a beast. What could not be AWESOME relating to this? Its design prevents from Totoro and Hedorah but looks like a brand new concept. How cool can it wear its revolution just like a mask’s skin? What? MONSTERS. Monsters Made from contamination are unusually cold and match perfectly with Pokemon’s motif
We are not saying that these Pokemon are not bad. We are just saying they’re not pretty to look at.

3. Feebas


When it had one, it’d seem like an aloha edition of Magikarp, also IT’S JUST VERY UGLY.
Umm. That is the entire intention of its ugliness.Its origin is in the narrative of the ugly duckling, but it extends from a nasty fish, into a gorgeous eel-snake item, maybe not a duckling into a swan.
It’s an ugly model of Magikarp, and Magikarp is awful.
Well, Feebas being awful the point. The Pokédex calls it awful.


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