Top 3 Types of Goth Style


1. Trad Goth

Trad Goth
Trad Goth

STILL, the best type of Goth in my View, as well as the music are Excellent (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure).
Trad is short for”conventional” they’re the first Kind of Goth That’s created (that is why they are on the amount one) trad goths began in the ’80s
A trad goth also enjoy light skin, their hair makeup, ripped boots, leather, and fishnet
Their clothes are that trad goths and stuff are motivated by punks.

2. Romantic Goth

Romantic Goth
Romantic Goth

I enjoy mixing this with Lolita Fashions, and dreamy
This seems pretty cool.
Goths are all focused on the exciting world of gothic
Differentiating features of goths are lace and lace, also the love of literature and poetry as well as flowy crowns
Goths are emotional, creative, and dreamy enjoys the drama of sorrow and love.

3. Vampire Goths

Vampire Goths
Vampire Goths

I am a vampire goth. I use navy, red, black, and dark purple. Also, I like to use the fangs. Goths love vampire bats movies/shows, coffins, and other items related to vampires. Regardless of what type of goth you’re, you are lovely the way you’re. You may struggle with regards to being approved, but do not let that influence you. Be proud that you’re a goth! God loves everybody.
I am a 16-year-old female vampire goth myself because I can not locate any stereotypical goth clothes that suit me, though I dress like an.
Vampire goths are usually called as”amorous goths with a fang.”
Vampire goths are motivated by vampires, they dress and behave like a vampire (likely they do not bite somebody ).
Goths are all. They adore what vampire love (instance coffins, the nighttime, graveyard, bats) and everything vampire associated


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