Top 3 Three Stooges Episodes


1. Disorder In The Court

Disorder In The Court
Disorder In The Court

Brilliant. Raise your hand. Take your jacket off.
I will still recall every word, and I’m 40 and laugh out loud
Lol that was amusing

2. A Plumbing We Will Go

A Plumbing We Will Go
A Plumbing We Will Go

This is the personal favorite of Curly
I believe that was the funniest installment because most laughs along with the famed scene”This home has certainly gone mad”.
However, often I see that historically split. The lineup of moe wouldn’t be plumbers! And Larry is attempting to close the water off by digging an enormous hole out to the yard…”I’ll locate this or else”. All are classic is curled from the tub surrounding himself! This incident will live on!
Great lord. I nearly died laughing when Larry’s head pokes out of the center of the lawn.

3. Brideless Groom

Brideless Groom
Brideless Groom

Shemp in his best
Love Shemp is attempting to educate the scene as well as a singer in which Shemp and Moe get tied up at the telephone booth.
“‘Moe, where is your jacket.” And”Get your hands out of my head. That is not. Shemp bites at his side.


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