Top 3 Things Boys Like 1

Top 3 Things Boys Like

1. Girls


Well I’m a woman, and it’s uncomfortable although for that which boyz like I believe women are no1 priority
Too high ten lists of the time, and Carly did so top 10 list
Men of high are affordable. See, I am anyone and a detest and man porn. I despise people. It’s annoying. It will not make you trendy, OK. I’m not backward, I am of the creation, but I don’t understand my classmates’ mentality. Why do you consider those things that are cheap blah blah and to become cold? Please, stop it. There are aspects on earth than those good for nothing beats.
You do realize much anybody watches pornography, even ladies, while I do concur speaking about sex in people is inappropriate.
I might not be capable of enjoying a woman, but let’s get real. Some matters can not be resisted. And also, my teacher stated all boys are maniacs as soon as it comes to the.

2. Sports


Men LOVE Soccer. If they enjoyed football 95 out of 100 would say yes if you requested a 100 men, they love soccer. Each Sunday, someone is ALWAYS. Soccer is drilled into boy’s heads.
Hi, I like watching soccer, and I am a woman! It is so much fun. And I am not a tomboy!
I like basketball unless it is just casting then I can not play soccer
That is a lie since my grade did soccer and a vote got

3. Video Games

Video Games
Video Games

I like Destiny, Assassin’s Creed, and Halo. Additionally, I enjoyed Mario Galaxy 1 plus 2 back to the Wii. Since they were beautiful, they made Mario games. The Legend Of Zelda is my favorite. Nostalgia since Twilight Princess was my Wii match and 2. It’s wonderful.
I am a Tomboy, and I am a woman, and I love to game and games!
Sports such as soccer in real life and amazing sports games are funnier than sports soccer, but I concur
The Wii took it to # 3 out of # 4
They love games such as Black Ops Halo 4, and also my Assasins Creed 3. I am a woman, and I’m a tomboy!
I’m such a boy! It is enjoyable video games. They’re fantastic people there that the best.

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