Top 3 Sword Types 1

Top 3 Sword Types

1. Katana


The sword that is Sole mad from Metal sand combing strength and weight
Balance and a sword that is Terrific with Plenty of background
Most of the swords and the katana are masters when wielded 12, killing weapons.
Wow. We’ve got a good deal of neckbeards here. Durr katana best sword
Additionally Saber than you ca hand it is better in Virtually Every way other

2. Scimitar


The joy of getting this saber. It’s beyond the realm of understanding.
I envision that this saber as my grandma. It answers, “It was only a reflex, Ok! We are not going to prom.
It is a beaut.
These sorts of Swords utilized nanosilver. Which makes them lightweight at precisely the same moment and possess durability. Quite impressive for older and this sword
Even though it isn’t the best at stabbing, because of its size and weight, you won’t find a sword.
I think It’s the best since its items that are simple to slice with

3. Rapier


The neckbeards using their Katana are in location. However, this is an exceptional sword. Could armor blocks it you state? Do people leave the house?
Too unsustainable. It can be obstructed by light or mild armor.
The Ideal one on one dueling weapon. Having a shield and a reach, this blade is worth it.
Throughout history, the debate has ever been involving the border and the stage. While I enjoy and respect a sword that is made, the Katana I find to be a weapon.

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