Top 3 Studio Trigger Anime


1. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill

Kill la Dice is an anime television show made by Trigger. In Kill la Kill, Ryuko Matoi transports to a brand new high school to locate the murderer of her father.
This needs another year
Crazy on the best action scenes, a fantastic comedy, and a satisfying finish. It’s amazing. THIS. ANIME.

2. Little Witch Academia Movies

Little Witch Academia Movies
Little Witch Academia Movies

It is narrative and merely fantastic quality and will always be my #1 as it comes to plot and animation.
LWA is just one of the best works of Trigger. The sharp and fluid type of plot that is lively, lovable characters, and animation makes it an for me. LWA is going to be the display that comes to mind because the humor is ideal for easing them if a person asks me to recommend a series.
It’s so much more than that, although Do not get me wrong, it’s adorable girls.
Its entertaining, enjoyable, and thoroughly enchanting.
You have ta check out this one, if you prefer harry things and schools!

3. Space Patrol Luluco

Space Patrol Luluco
Space Patrol Luluco

It was fascinating, fun, addictive, and mad that I watched it all. This anime does not HAVE what minutes. This anime IS exactly what second.
The embodiment of what we love about the team along with Hiroyuki Imaishi .
Don’t miss this one.
Sure it has a brief runtime, but the craziness inside this series is so intense that it comes near levels of Gurren Lagann in its very last installment.
This is a massive treat, also definite watch for any Trigger lovers!


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