Top 3 Strongest Pokemon 1

Top 3 Strongest Pokemon

1. Arceus

Arceus is a Mythical Pokémon in the Pókemon series.
He appeared along with Legendary Pokémon at the movie.
Can alter its kind and It’s also the founder of pokemon and a god
He does not need to modify types. He could use any movement in his most potent variety.
It is warranted since it generated the remainder of those to be the most powerful of all pokemon. Those shards kickass and are useful


Um no religious can not conquer on him maybe not in the match for Arceus that a complete 720
Regigigas has 600
I don’t feel that Arceus is 1. I believed Arceus would be second or third. He’s the saying in history
No one can get ruined. He’s over a million forms.
Why do you say that he should not be number 1 if you called him that the most powerful
It seems like it could kick ass, although I don’t possess this pokemon. Take that Mewtwo

2. Mewtwo

This is the man the pokemon that Was Made by a person to become the pokemon no pokemon compared to mew will endure against Mewtwo.
Mewtwo is your best


Mewtwo is number one. He’s got stats. He can learn any movement. While I go up against the elite four that I will use him and him, I Don’t Have to use some potion either because most of the strikes hits are ko’s
Mewtwo doesn’t have sex. But yeah, it’s among the pokemon.
Come on, individuals who place Charizard before Mewtwo he must be this is the pokemon, not that one you like best, as for Arceus he’s overrated that is all Mewtwo.
Mewtwo is the most powerful of them all more potent than arcus. Arceus did not produce Mewtwo, therefore he doesn’t have an impact on Mewtwo. Since Mewtwo will learn how to split them, and Arceus 17 plates are useless against Mewtwo. And Mewtwo can drain power, which Arceus can not do. He can absorb attacks. While Mewtwo is regarded as an anti-virus god that is omnipotent, Arceus is an almighty god American religions are infinity times more powerful than the gods united. Since mew can do and Mewtwo may choose any kind. However, Mewtwo can’t be turned into by Arceus. Mewtwo could become Arceus, Mewtwo could imitate Arceus, and with his power, he can replicate and learn all abilities immediately. The world-destroyer when Arceus can not evolve but Mewtwo evolves into Mewtwo shadow Mewtwo mega shadow Mewtwo x and eventually shadow Mewtwo. Mega Mewtwo includes All of the cosmos (everything inside and outside distance that
So You’re like a lot of others of Mewtwo is in no form or shape omnipotent in his kind rayquaza has outdone his stats he Doesn’t Have the power to change like mew.

3. Rayquaza

It resides in the ozone layer, also stops struggles with Groudon and Kyogre, two Legendaries.
It may take Groudon equally and kyogre down and has a beam
Rayquaza can be conquered by either Arceus (ice kind ) and Articuno because they’re nice kind.


Rayquaza is Pokemon when is was flat 50, and on health vote for this Pokemon, it took my darkai degree 100. Come on It’s so great it barley loses Aside in my Lugia to Pokemon it’s never failed to some Pokemon
Darkrai is not great… what exactly are you trying to establish here? That rayquaza could take a pokemon that is feeble? Big thing!
Here really is the best pokemon in history is not it on the overly 10! Anyone could be taken out by hyper ray! It is cool! It is a super burst brawl boss! Why is not its number one, why, why! It might knock out one of Palkia or even Dialga!
Rayquaza could be knocked out by no, Dialga since its steel kind, which can be flying, and resistant to the ordinary, dragon.
Rayquaza is one of my original pokemon out of pokemon ruby. Therefore, I am a little biased, but I think this pokemon warrants the top 3.

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