Top 3 Strongest Legendary Pokemon


1. Arceus


He appeared along with Legendary Pokémon at the movie.
Arceus gets the power of pokemon he’s All the part stones so he could utilize pokemon moves against that he could conquer Palkia, Giratina, Dialga along with many others which get in his way, to shield him
Arceus is you are more durable than Mewtwo to me. He’s the king of this powerful pokemon one. Anyhow, I don’t believe Mewtwo is that powerful, I mean yes he could control people’s thoughts. Still, definitely if most of the folks the pokemon (plus mythical ) come together and utilize their assault, they could conquer it. If Mewtwo can do it, then we can do it nothing as he could do it.
ARCEUS IS THE GOD OF ALL POKEMON It warrants ten AT LEAST he created the damn work I wager he can wipe out some that I mean come on folks. PLEASE
He generated the world that nobody could be more potent than GOD

2. Mewtwo


When I’d MEWTWO at level 100 and also another degree 100 pokemon including legendary pokemon such as Moltres, Zapdos Articuno, Dialga, Palkia, GIRATINA, RAYQUAZA and such as GROUDON and KYOGRE as well as DEOXYZ and if I’d lv 4 to 11 mythical pokemon such as Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno gave them just 1 to a single coach who began her or his trip. They helped them develop much more powerful with each of their pokemon, for example, their legendary pokemon and that I am kidding when I’d had formed a band known as the OMEGA 5 or perhaps THE OMEGA 10 such as if 3 of those members were each of the coaches I gave Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. I had been founder chief and even master of THE OMEGA 5 or even ten such as in addition to being world champion.
From the matches that are real, yes, Mewtwo is more powerful. But dice the events are valued by me more ardently Mewtwo, than the anime, I choose you! Furthermore, if Mewtwo gets the power to control minds, could not it make it shed and control Arceus’s head? These facts s more potent than Arceus, and combined reveal that Mewtwo. And Mewtwo can evolve, and the two of these mega evolutions might mess Arceus. And though Arceus became kind through the plates, then mew two might control the mind of it.
Additionally, it’s been stabbed through the chest. Also, it can sew a skillet, which along with being plain amazing (and a ripoff of Kadabra( admittedly) it’s murdered Deoxys with it and shadow (see DEATH BATTLE: MEWTWO VS SHADOW) that makes it quite durable. This leads up being more powerful
Mewtwo will not work for thou reacheth #1 Arceus remains thou, and also # 1 no Pokemon or not Pokemon will get close
Includes two evolutions that will kick the ass of anyone.

3. Rayquaza


It resides in the ozone layer, also stops struggles with Groudon and Kyogre, two Legendaries.
Seriously can kill Mewtwo at one hit He Ought to Be second.
Rayquaza is fantastic, but mega evolved. He is a destroyer. He seems the coolest he ought to be number 1 and has the stats! He’s been my favorite since I started playing with Pokemon and still is. Arceus isn’t exceptional to Rayquaza, Arceus is essential but so are another legendary Pokemon such as Dialga and Palkia with time and space and Groudon with enlarging the property Arceus couldn’t create the world by himself! In case you agree please vote because ray for beam ought to be first
Best best, Mega-Evo with no mega rock, he’s the pokemon to be prohibited from Ubers.
Shiny Rayquaza is compelling,though there was the glistening pokemon record, this man ought to be next or first AT LEAST!


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