Top 3 Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters 1

Top 3 Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

1. Meruem


He owns every personality.
He and with the guy who said that he was not one of the earners fought with.
the strength that is limitless, the more he eats, the more powerful
The museum is powerful!
He went toe
To toe with the chairman

2. Netero


I don’t think Hisoka can beat this guy. Let us bring up his position.
What the hell. Netero is currently up on the listing on rank 2…
Netero should be #1 on this listing though Meruem couldn’t be beaten by him up. He utilized his wits to battle with where the blossom wowouldill Meruem. He moved understanding he would not come out alive. And if you consider it, Meruem was murdered by him. Because the aftermath of two guards, as well as the blossom, poisoned him. In death, he had been victorious. R.I.P Netero.
Netero serves raisins to it and would create guy soup.

3. Ging


Gin finds and struggles compared to unknown, across the planet that might contain creatures and dangers as powerful or more potent than Berumen.
Why Ging? Since we do not know a lot! He’s among the most potent seekers! He has wisdom, and he’s named the best hunter of all time! Ultimately he’ll reveal his power and will understand he is the most powerful if that time comes everybody!
We know very little, but we understand he’s among the most powerful predators. And demonstrating that he’s a star we could presume he’s an aura .
Well, He’s nearly impossible to locate he thede worlds most expensive and game ever created for his son thirdly since the anime stated, Ging is so powerful He’s in 5 hunter record.

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