Top 3 Strongest Female Naruto Characters 1

Top 3 Strongest Female Naruto Characters

1. Sakura


Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of this show, “Naruto Shonen Jump!” She’s Team Seven’s only female vampire. Her family includes Mebuki Haruno, her mom, along with her dad Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is probably not very Well-known about Konoha and up till”Boruto: Naruto Next
There is. If she’d assistance from Chiyo, she would not have conquered Sasori. I believe she positions four or even three.
Sakura shouldn’t be number one. She is definitely among the strongest. However, there are not much more powerful than her. If Chiyo had not been there to help strength could only proceed so far to be fair Sasori would have ruined her
I believe that sakura is influential individuals say that she’s disrespectful and feeble, but that’s not TRUE. I understand she couldn’t conquer a good deal of people, but imagine what everybody makes mistakes, so I know that I accept this and that on Naruto, she had been useless. In Naruto Shippuden, she had been Tsunade’s pupil, and she became more reliable than Tsunade, and I’ve got plenty of things to say like she’s a health ninja. She spared Hinata’s life like she stored other individuals’ life, so I believe she’d be in the First position at the most potent feminine naruto charters.

2. Konan


Konan is more potent than Sakura! She can defeat Sasori using a straightforward technique; however, Sakura might perish without the assistance of Chiyo!
Why is she reduced than Sakura?
I saw in one of Naruto’s opening the way she is quite calm in combating both Sakura and Ino!
Konan’s narrative with Nagato and Yahiko is touching, she is powerful that she lived as a kid, and she is kind she took, she had been the sole Akatsuki Since she was the only female.
She is fantastic and has the courage, and she is brave she is a very caring person as well as she’s romantic feelings (ex. Her and Yahiko both love each other and they did not date since Konan desired them to accomplish precisely what they are aiming for original ) there she had been powerful enough to restrain her feelings.

3. Tsunade


Tsunade is the epitome of courage and strength. However, more importantly, she’s among the most brilliant and highly proficient boxers across the Naruto saga (among both the other male and female characters)
Unfortunately, the author is not one for elaborating about the energetic outlay of the prominent female characters, less screen time to exhibit all Lady Hokage’s skills
Tsunade has sakura’s power and then some, and healing powers anything short of a nuclear blast, make her invulnerable, and she’s getting back up and pounding !
“Tsunade is indeed stunning, and each time she uses her ability to the fullest possible, I swear she can destroy a whole city. She’s a great deal of power on the inside and outside.”
Tsunade is the most powerful. She can make Naruto collapse over with ONE FINGER!

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