Top 3 Strongest Beyblades 1

Top 3 Strongest Beyblades

1. Galaxy Pegasis

Galaxy Pegasis
Galaxy Pegasis 

Quick, beautiful, and kicks ass. That is galaxy pegasus for you.
I’ve Galaxy Pegasis, and I blasted its powerful Flame Sagittario.
It can conquer a single shot against my Hell Kerbecs! It had been broken into parts when my Kerbecs acquired. It can capture my Capricon cause that is Storm, Capricon stinks recall? It defeats against my Earth Eagle came flying away from the scene. By hitting it, it merely exploded, mine conquer the Meteo L-Drago. My Diablo Nemesis was ruined by it. Destroyed my Rock Leone. My BFF’s Jade Jupiter; however, it was catchy, but anything. Ruined, he was angry, and my BFF’s Poison Serpent. Joshua, my Enemy, challenged me, I utilized my Galaxy Pegasus. The Phantom Orion, The Lightning L-Drago, along with also the Rock Leone, mine went racing into the Rock Leone; it didn’t damage to me personally, I ruined the Rock Leone so quickly, then the Phantom Orion, arrived turning to me and that I got hit, but the Phantom Orion went flying runaround stadium which Joshua got.

2. Hades Kerbecs

Hades Kerbecs
Hades Kerbecs

I can not think one bey conquer others at a free for all battle and was at over 3/4 power!
It is so powerful that it shattered it and conquer rock giraffe
He cools that he is powerful and broke my two de tips that are restricted.
Hades Kerbecs is dominant that I won and faced a friend of mine.

3. Meteo L Drago

Meteo L Drago
Meteo L Drago

I can not feel that its in location. It’s twist and assault. It may be a Beyblade if used in an assault kind arena. It may be counter Even though it has less endurance than light Drago behaved when employed with the hf that comes with storm aquario or a metal spike 100 hrs. It is a Beyblade compared to galaxy pegasus, ground striker, beam striker, hades curbs. But beware that twist are lessened when used against fire pyxis, or bull 230 sd burns because it’s endurance and good defense.
He enjoys spinning he never shed contrary to my bey’s galaxy pegasus and
This bey Ought to Be first place it moved angrily it left a mark sent my wing pegasus flying the window and then shattered the tip that is performed.
It’s a counter-clockwise. It knocks them out and will hit beys.

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