Top 3 Smokeless Tobacco Brands


1. Copenhagen


I have never heard of the brands which are recorded in this review. I had been a Copenhagen guy; however, when I was 24, I broke my chin and needed to have it closed for near three weeks. I could not use routine Deal afterward since it had been cut so lovely it just would not stay in my lip. So I attempted the components that I did not care for this. I tried the Cope long cut, and this was the ticket, so the cut remained in the area along with my jaw being thrown. After about a decade on the reduction, it began to get expensive. I needed to try something different. I believe Deal was about $.40 roughly $.50 a could if I began and today it was $5.00 a can that is just plain absurd, so after trying all of the cheaper models out there I eventually attempted Red Seal which was the nearest item to Copenhagen, and it was half the cost and arrived in a

He asked if I needed to attempt it and also saw the Curiosity. I did like initially to it, but a couple of days after, I tried it so that I can go a can of Copenhagen, the next thing cushions for pocket change. Copenhagen. I don’t opt for any of the crap that is flavored. I had been a part of the Copenhagen Gold Diamond Club. Aside from that. I hope Copenhagen never eliminates using the first newspaper can!
Copenhagen delivers the taste of almost any dip. It is very moist. I live in Cope around these parts, and a state buttocks place. (Grizzly’s likely a much #2)
My very first pinch was Copenhagen Snuff at age 11. Ever since that time, my palette has changed quite a while, and that I opt to dip wintergreen. On particular events, or if I feel as though it. I will purchase a can of snuff. That turns into months or even weeks of just snuff. I return to wintergreen. Copenhagen is a nice change from time to time. Copenhagen is a much superior product. I’ve all had them, and Cope is the best. Copenhagen Snuff is your best.

2. Grizzly


Dark wintergreen cut is the greatest lc. Third, the mint is natty that is direct.
I enjoy it last too and the rich flavor of cut directly
The cost is becoming like skol; they can lose a client to a less expensive brand. Per Week, I purchase a tube
I began on skoal but went with the same flavor to get a brand and ended up enjoying longcut wintergreen better skoal. The cost has been around the same and has been moving up Through the Years

3. Skoal


Great to spit in redman or Your night crawlers for catfish
After that can I attempted many different distinct chews such as Wintergreen cut and Stoker’s Mint, Wintergreen and Skoal snuff cut, Cope Mint cut, Grizzly wintergreen cut, then Timberwolf pouches. Some were great, others were awful. I discovered my brother was doing Skoal Mint components for a while, so one attempted. Ever since, I have been hooked on these. Nothing has come close to comparing to it, although I’ll try chews! I like it! I like the variety that Skoal offers, particularly with their distinct types of every flavor (such as mint and wintergreen Xtra vs. classic). .
I made fun of a Command Sargemajor for berry combination that was chewing gum, he stated getcha some and tossed me can. So I have been chewing on it ever since.
I have been dipping I just turned 39 and because I was 11 and now I must state Skoal longcut wintergreen is your best anywhere. Red Seal LC wintergreen is a second, and you can not beat at also the 25 each can and the cost.


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