Top 3 Saddest Songs


1. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Composed its Actual, about his son, There’s nothing more devastating than losing your child, relationships Imply nothing when Compared with looking in a form,
And never have to see it die
I believe that the main reason.
I can not imagine what it’d be like to lose a few of my children.
Many guitarists nowadays with a couple of years of expertise and riffs of many guitarists can get a guitar and play and them. Still, nobody will be able to replicate Clapton plays since they lack one easy thing – emotion. I don’t mean excitement. His”Unplugged” album was ideal just because it had been so real. He had the guts to talk about what he went through with all the entire world. The reduction of someone’s child is, and he persevered. His pain turned into something that will remain with me. The acoustics with this record is the only perfection. He wrote it. Was performed by him. He traveled through it. We know his story, and it means something – something he grabbed the essence of it perfectly with this tune, and we can not even start to explain with our language.

2. Hurt – Johnny Cash

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Hurt – Johnny Cash

This edition of the tune is genius. Although he did not write this song, it was done by Johnny Cash so profoundly which you can feel each noise of the theme for the feelings as the significance of the song is Together with his voice that he looks as delicate. Beautiful song. In the base of everything, emotion is void. A calmness that is numb requires over. The only way to understand if sentiment exists would be to hurt, literally or metaphorically, as Johnny sees all people living lives, is based known as Society. He creates a joy that is artificial to fit in with Society, taking medication to feel joyful. He was able to use heroin. Cruelty and his vices provide flashbacks to him. He can’t erase what’s occurred previously. He had difficulties with these medications. He wishes to offer, which makes up for his heart that is destroyed. Due to these choices, his fame isn’t significant. He would like to frighten them will! Hurt them! He believes he is worthless. He’d do it all again, being entire and pure as a guy if he had another chance.
The one by NIN is excellent, but this one makes bawl every moment.
Johnny Cash, beautifully and emotionally, sings this tune. It’s also a sad voice and lyrics. This song deserves the vote of everyone since everybody hurts once in a while.

3. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

In the beginning, I did not understand exactly what this song is all about after understanding at the significance and Armstrong’s motive composing this tune. I feel sorry; the lyrics are touching. It makes me feel depressed
I moved my heart and made me cry. Even though it may not be the song of all time, I felt compelled to vote for this. The significance behind the tune made me sadder. It was written by Billie Joe when he was ten on his dad that passed away in September.
I like Green Day much. I love this tune!
Concerning the passing of the dad, who died in September of Billie Joe. Its audio-video features a guy going in Iraq because of the review of the Bush administration of Idiot to war. In addition to the tune was used at a movie showing Hurricane Katrina’s wake.


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