Top 3 Saddest Rock Songs of All Time


1. Snuff – Slipknot

Snuff - Slipknot
Snuff – Slipknot

Daddy from Korn, The song, and, was the tune which had made me feel depressed as I had. Such a written bit where materials or individuals have wronged someone.
Easily among the gorgeous songs ever composed. Corey Taylor is a genius.
Once I discovered it, I was hit by lyrics. I cannot explain it. Only hit me real hard, the minutes when it sends a shiver.
I wish you were not my friend. I could hurt you that the ending. Hits it at the parts

2. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Green Day Tune Finest, Also has a Motive to Become number one with this Record Following the funeral That He Explained and sat in his room wake me up when September ends to his Mother
Whoever said crap is a bastard that was disrespectful
I didn’t believe before I discovered it had been all about joes father 21. This song was miserable at first. Pretty good tune
There is a story behind their tunes. This one. Touching and beautiful and moving. Best.

3. Black – Pearl Jam

Black - Pearl Jam
Black – Pearl Jam

The tune is all about ridding your love And the sadness which follows the separation. An extremely relatable topic for a lot of people, I believe. That this ought to be at the top 10. Pearl jam is powerful to rock bands now. I would understand that black ought to be rated high on the tune is timeless!
There should be a matter which this ought to be on the listing. This one is While I think rock tunes.
Pearl Jam is underrated in the stone world because many will not hear it and classify it, I think if Pearl Jam were known as the band they 47, this tune would be top 10
Only among the most love songs lyrically and musically


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