Top 3 Saddest Rap Songs 1

Top 3 Saddest Rap Songs

1. Stan – Eminem

Stan - Eminem
Stan – Eminem

One of Eminem’s Greatest! And it is sad. So much.
The song I have ever discovered. The character Stan from the tune is a manifestation to inform us that we do some things for actors.
Best, no questions asked, narration and crazy wordplay said!
This tune is gloomy. I’m Eminem fan and I Believe this one of saddest song and the song of all time

2. When I’m Gone – Eminem

When I'm Gone - Eminem
When I’m Gone – Eminem

This song always makes me angry every time I hear it but its a Fantastic Tune but it’s sad my friend Shouted when he Noticed it and his mother won’t let him it I mean he Is singing about what to do If he Is dead is that not Unhappy
Song about his loved ones.
Vote if not so significance
Whenever I listen to this tune I get tears in my eyes if Haley speaks in the concert in Sweden to him. It is among the most songs and Mockingbird from Eminem just how much he loves his kid and that demonstrate his talent.

3. Dance with the Devil – Immortal Technique

Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique
Dance with the Devil – Immortal Technique

So far better if I am gone and than Eminem’s stan. Individuals are dumbass
Immortal includes. It is a story that’s at least sad. It must be on this record rather than that I
In the event the sample utilized the conclusion of the song this tune would be. Why it’s on this list dependent mainstream listeners that have not heard of IT do not see.
Because it hasn’t been heard by a lot of folks, the reason is. I will assure you. I will never forget the first time it influenced me in ways no song has ever. You are just another tune.

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