Top 3 Saddest Music Videos 1

Top 3 Saddest Music Videos

1. Hurt – Johnny Cash

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Hurt – Johnny Cash

You’ve got gloomy lyrics! Plus after he published the tune seven weeks 11, he died
Watch it than vote come on, WATCH IT
The way he is compared by it from youthful to dead is heartbreaking, and that understood months after filming he’d have died from diabetes.
This movie was. Wonderful. It showed his condition of harm and his pain.

2. Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Hero – Enrique Iglesias

The end is unfortunate. The tune and the saying on the face and him of Enrique being crushed by those gangsters in gut-wrenching although I am a bloke
Since it is possible to see that love Hewitt is in the scene from the music video, he stabs him and Hewitt Crying at the end of this audio-video.
Once I watched the music video, it got me. The tears came from nowhere. That is the reason
A narrative, with a terrible end. The acting is excellent, and the tune with the emotion to it of Enrique affirms the movie ending’s subject.

3. When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne

When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne

Especially the part of the Older mand in his wife’s Tomb:(
It makes me cry because I envision myself in that circumstance the old guy’s because it can be related to us. I can not link to this area, but it’s quite touching and sad as others can while nobody in my entire family is in the army. However, I believe since we understand it’s going to occur to us, the part of the man strikes a nerve.
Wow. I found the reviews and that I thought to find the music video. I cried. I touched. The chance of this got for me, although I never believed it’d because this would not occur to me. I was happy at the conclusion, though.

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