Top 3 Saddest Anime Series


1. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!
Angel Beats!

And I enjoy the tune. Ichiban no
Angel Beats is. It is amazing, sad, humorous, tragic and emotions and the music is amazing. You get attached to the characters and also the previous episode left me crushed. How he cried Kanade at the conclusion broke my heart. And whether he disappears 18, I had to see it to determine. It left me of watching another string I did not even think. I believed it’d ruin the moment. It crush you somewhat and leaves you depressed. In case you haven’t noticed this you need to type it now. It is simply breathtaking. Must see!
Angel Beats is your best/saddest series the saddest episodes were 10 and 13 but 10 is

2. Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story
Clannad After Story

Clannad relies on a visual book. He hates his dad and the city he lives in.
SPOILERS! After he determines he wishes to try his hardest to look after her the most effective scene in history, he constitutes Ushio, Ushio expires months afterward. Is there any question regarding why this is the anime?
Ok ok ok *Breathes In* this anime is DEPRESSING
While the initial string is more let state’ Aimed at a younger viewers’ the next series played my heartstrings… PROFESSIONALLY 0_0 lols
Eh, let’s begin with something nobody talks about shall we: The simple fact that Okazaki Tomoya was revealing the cold shoulder into his daddy to eventually recognize as an adult he is going through an identical stage; to not mention when viewing off his dad he burst into tears into what these family play and isolation has caused his father to become. He burst into tears when Uschio (his daughter) admitted him understanding that she might have place Tomoya through precisely the same Predicament. I thought it could be great to say Though this isn’t exactly what highlights the anime.
I certainly captured the feels for several reasons that I could go on and on about one thing That got meis the way everybody disappears in lifestyle and the way
This anime shows us just how important our loved ones are. No, I mean. By household, I mean friends

3. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist

It’s about two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, attempting to reestablish their bodies at bringing their mom back after neglecting.
When lust murdered his daughter and Hughes was crying are they burying I Began to ball spoiler starts
This series is sad. “SPOILERS” Two brothers who only wanted things are how it was earlier. Their dad left them, If they were toddlers. Their mom dies, when they were 7 and 8. They require a teacher that lost the capacity and has lost her child to you. Following a year of instruction they move to attempt to reestablish their mom in the ages of 11 and 10. It consequently the brother dropped his leg and fails and his body was lost by also the younger. The brother forfeited his arm to tie his brothers soul. The brother receives prosthetics to put out together with his brother to discover a means. There are 51 eps plus a picture. Envision what occurred then. “Spoiler endings”


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