Top 3 RWBY Teams 1

Top 3 RWBY Teams

1. Team RWBY (Ruby)

Team RWBY (Ruby)
Team RWBY (Ruby)

RWBY is an American 3D Net series created by Monty Oum to Get Rooster Teeth.
The series is set in the fictional universe of Remnant, where people train to become Huntresses and Huntsmen to protect their planet.
They could return together in volume 8., although they lost the group lively.
The series is called from these that they are!
A fantastic group, I can not wait to see these develop.
My Favourite team

2. Team JNPR (Juniper)

Team JNPR (Juniper)
Team JNPR (Juniper)

I Believe there entertain8ng and That I Often Join with them more than Another team
Now it.
And no Markos possibly.
*breaks down in tears out of debilitating memories*
Not a bad personality. The team that could say that.
A group with entertaining personalities that are superb.

3. Team CFVY (Coffee)

Team CFVY (Coffee)
Team CFVY (Coffee)

First off. I like the coffee
second. Velvet gets the best weapon
currently third.
Come Velvet may use any weapon!
As shown is volume, velvet is a fighter!
They are more powerful juniper.

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