Top 3 Power Metal Bands


1. Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian
Blind Guardian

They are credited as one of the seminal and influential bands in the power metal and speed metal subgenres. They utilize the technique of overdubbing. They also comprise largely
I think it is the best power metal band! They have epic tunes that are amazing! The best record for me was a”Nightfall at the Middle-Earth,” therefore the Blind Guardian ROCKS! Keep going!
The songs from the epic tunes as well as their work noise they depict in whatever they write!
The amazing voice of Hansi carries me every time I am listening to their tunes. Best live performances within their genre!
These men are great. I hate power metal, but Some of their tunes are great.

2. Helloween


The ring is a force in the metal genre, Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I and Part II, and also their second and third studio albums, are regarded as masterpieces of this genre.
Helloween – it’s the very best power metal band!
Iron maiden – metal! They aren’t power!
Helloween is much more energy than Dragonforce!
What? They’re the founders of electricity metal. They’re Legends! Up Helloween! Maiden isn’t powered metal…
Blind Guardian is my favorite, but without Helloween, we would not have electricity metal.
Is justification crucial for placing Helloween? Here is what I must say if it’s: They are the power metal ring. Helloween has much fewer than many, although as Helloween have records that leave you scratching your head, power metal rings with professions. They are prepared to explore the land that is different in unique albums. I don’t think I should say more.

3. Sabaton


The main lyrical topics of the band derived from historic and warfare conflicts.
Power metal from Sweden. Is the guitarists never appear to get their opportunity.
Sings about epic struggles but also concerning the tragedies of war.
It’s a youthful group.
But one day we’ll state it is the best of times.
I did not understand that Iron Maiden where electricity metal.
Perhaps the only group that hit them.
I love Sabaton. I like their performances and their design. And they compose songs about the background. I think that they get as much hate since they are accessible and successful, and they do not have the type of”energy” in thrash metal. Like hot and fresh metal bands receive hate in the lovers, but I believe they are going to among the greatest bands ever when this group gets too old as Iron Maiden. Incidentally, if you prefer historical legends, why don’t you assess the Civil War? Their heritage members are former associates of Sabaton that can not keep up with this preforming speed (they want to spend some time with their families and friends).


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