Top 3 Names for Mean Girls 1

Top 3 Names for Mean Girls

1. Ashley


I have a woman that I went to college with this was titles Ashley, we had been buddies, but she turned into my main bully for reasons I don’t understand why. She’d always change her number/get texts programs to frighten me regardless of how often I blocked her. She drove me to attempt to commit suicide and had been relentless. She wouldn’t leave me even following risks in my mom, my mom visiting the college about it, and the authorities she would not quit despite knowing I attempted to kill myself. She had a whole lot of friends, and I wasn’t liked by folks that I found perplexing because her friends understood what she does to me personally. We graduated high school in 2014(same course ), and even being from High School that she STILL discovers ways to irritate me, but it is not quite as prevalent as it was at High School.
This woman in my college called Ashley is one of those women who. doesn’t even give a rest to you. She yells at me for stupid things. Calls me a try difficult for being a brighter her. And has made fun of my faith, telling me that God is not such and genuine.
Excuse me? I believe shes. Christian-hating variant except for a woman and also shes American, of Hitler. It is. Stupid, I understand, which pisses me off. Nowadays, Nobody appears to leave me alone. Ashley was able to bully me straight back into school. Then they come back to hurt me. Fantastic riddance.

2. Brittany


She’s the bossy and stern leader who’s sarcastic and snarky. She’s the head cheerleader of the crowd at Herserky High. Gretchen Weiners, raven, Heather Duke, Tina/Norma, and Betty Rizzo using a touch of Lola Loud. She’s obsessed with sporting a spoiled brat and eyeglasses. She is lovely to people and is extremely wealthy.
Tiffany Blake Wegerheiner is your ditzy airhead and among the popular children. She is a combination using a dash of Karen Smith of Harmony Kendall, Sandy Olsson, Heather McNamara, Betty Cooper By Riverdale, Leni Loud, and Brittany Wong. She does not remember anything, and she is excellent for everybody.
My woman set for
Brittany Bates is your chief. She can look fine at first when you get to understand her but is not. She’s a snobby and dominating person. When she has kicked out, she sees her lesson.
Ashley Rose is your next in command. She’s the best friend of Brittany, and even though she’s a girly woman that is snobby, she’s more beautiful than Brittany. Her color is pink.

3. Heather



I understand somebody with two exes called Heather – one cheated, subsequently awakened all of the bedding and his clothes, destroyed all of the furniture together with bleach, and stole all his culinary collections and cookware (he had been a chef at the time). Another took everything that was not nailed down in their flat – she had to pay reparations and went to prison. One attempted to say that he was the dad and got pregnant. It had been. Now he is in school, and they want him back. How do you need someone back who set you? If it were not so pitiful, It’d be funny. I’ve known others named Heather, who have been sweet, gorgeous, and level-headed inside and outside. What is in a title?
Heather was put up to be a mean girl title. Heather and the Heathers out of TD are rude. Bless you, When there’s a Heather that’s sort.
The Heathers are jerks in Heathers, largely Chandler.
The woman at my college that is mums was heather. Baer that are kind

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