Top 3 Most Powerful Fictional Characters 1

Top 3 Most Powerful Fictional Characters

1. One Above All

One Above All
One Above All

I could not stop laughing when I watched Goku. Possessing a fan base does not mean he is the most influential personality, Goku Isn’t even in 20
His powers are ultimate, his title said it all that I do not have to describe but that is quite amusing to see Goku in the very best, this site sucks cause it is based on the view, every idiot can vote his character.
This isn’t right, but all omnipotent personalities have been tied at #1. SOMEONE will earn a figure that may tap on you, and you are dead. You can not make a character list of whatever. Fiction All is. That would be a character if you thought about a God that is not real.
As his title states, One Above All is more powerful and exceptional than any other part in this record, should be in 1
Sorry. I meant to mention he (although the one above is genders because he is everything) could suspend all the time at the omniverse, letting him kill Goku an endless number of times above. Additionally, if you’re the person who informs The Tribunal, which goes on to show your power.

2. Goku


He has skills like, use of ki, superpower, flight, teleportation, super speed, and Super Saiyan transformation speed, which increase strength, and endurance.
Goku powers are infinite, all over is nothing in front of ball personality
Who’s Zeno he can erase all of the universes In only a moment, As Goku can go beyond his abilities so you can likely go past Zeno,some people say that Goku skill level increases without instruction no anime mostly shows the training that’s a waste of time if something is quite impressive from the coaching part it’s always facing our eyes. That day will be quite close when Goku is going to be the most useful character in anime background and obviously in current, and there’s not any contrast between marvel personalities and dragon ball characters.
It is going to continue increasing until he’s unstoppable.
First things Goku worked his socks off to become as powerful as he’s now. I do not understand how all over one or super guy ought to be compared to Goku, maybe not when they only got their power by doing nothing, but perhaps not if superman got obliterated by batman rather than when we never watched all over one struggle, not once, but only believed it since the comic says and even than when he’s powerful he could be the most powerful in the marvel world. Still, he’s not from precisely the same universe as Goku. So that I don’t see how all do over one be in comparison not when Goku hasn’t attained his limits to Goku. Goku is your best personality in my view but to be honest Saitama and also Zeno, not overlook this and expansive priest tend to be more potent than Goku however Goku always gets the space to grow, maybe not just like a superman who does not even have to be in top 10 and another thing some people could hate this site since it is based on public view but do not overlook that the haters” you give your look also that may be backed up as

3. Superman


And the successful superhero in the world that is literary. Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster school students residing in Cleveland, Ohio, made the character. DC comics printed it. The very first superhero film was superman.
The guy is skillful and powerful. Roy Mac, Captain falcon, And Mario ought to be high on the record close.
Variations are not, although it is out reversal from time to time.
Additionally is Multi Solar-System, get him.
Superman is powerful with power in most
Of his stats, if You have a personality
His rate is capable of much faster rates than speed. Combating with rate and traveling speed is different. A good illustration is superman and Wonder Woman were sparring, but Wonder Woman is his fights. An illustration is who is in a struggle
He could pick up a world
Flew via a star
Limitations and superman’s abilities are controversial due to how long his personality existed to abilities and his personality with changes
Let’s jury he is as powerful as if the story requires; he wants to be.
Who knows superman
Is going to attain a new limitation to

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