Top 3 Most Popular U.S. States


1. California


I am a Cali Boy, and I like it. Wouldn’t abandon the entire world. I have been around many countries and stats and nothing when compared with hot sunny California using all the best cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco far away from each other creating northwest, central and southern California enjoyable and something to do rather than only a country where it is occurring in only one town/city, where ever you’re in Cali you are going to have fun along with also nightlife. PLUs California is not laid back place with all the best. Never got they state they were mean to have they had been where? Or are they. The vast majority of us are in of the Olympians and shape, celebrities, and Guinnesses come out of here. It is also the country that feeds and farms half of the US with all the best conditions. Every nation wishes they had been or like Cali moved out here, I mean look their a desire na be Cali state trying and with the city titles
Well your rather straight Florida has a town, but you and I disagree
The one thing you can not locate here is. Wait, there is everything.
I live in the best country in the world. There are so many things to do other than. Oh never mind they a lot of movie theaters
There’s everything from the snow! It is wonderful. I’m blessed to live here! I would not want to move.

2. Florida


Florida is a country located in the southeastern area of America.
It’s the last condition for earthquake threat. There are not any volcanos, no tornados, a hurricane then and today. Therefore it’s among the state for catastrophe. There’s great weather so that you have beaches it has the very best streets with conditions. It’s a peninsula. It’s not the most expensive state, and there’s not any state income taxation. Miami has fantastic and contemporary design, culture, and decent food. In my opinion, it’s the best country to live in and to see.
Sure it has its flaws, but it is a beautiful place. I am a Floridian. Also, it’s some of the most helpful folks there. They’re friendly, kind, and humorous! We have beaches, many hotels, resorts, and fun places to go to! It’s child friendly, are a great deal of police there for our security, and it is not the location that is very dangerous. We are always ready, although It’s hurricanes and tornadoes occasionally! Tampa Bay, it never gets gotten disasters where I live. It has had storms. I am just a teen a young one at that, and when composing this, so I would take my word for this. The folks there are liberated and still fresh! It is most likely the state in regards to relaxing. It is a retirement condition. Therefore it is quite calm. We’ve got meals, cultures, and excellent architecture. There are churches and places if you are spiritual. There are. It is the country in the USA of America in or

3. New York

New York
New York

New York was one. Having an estimated 19.54 million taxpayers in 2018, it’s the fourth most populous country. To Be Able to differentiate the state in town with the Identical title
Forget about NY! It is only a concrete jungle! The state’s remaining part is lovely! I am a New Yorker from upstate and that I would not live anywhere else! Enjoy it!
Think about the statue of freedom, the world trade center, and the empire Chrysler construction and country. Imagine going in this stuff.
I love new york so much when I only see there. It is fantastic, fabulous, Outstanding, And Has The most well-known buildings (not all are) And it is a beautiful spot to see And also the upstate new york amazing as well Niagara falls is excellent and contains trendy ski resorts.
I’m it is fantastic and here. However, I reside in Queens. It’s kind of silent. I like to visit Brooklyn and Manhattan. I love the town and has been raised .
I reside in queens. It is quiet there! However, I visit to go there every weekend, and my aunt lives in Manhattan, and it’s fantastic and indeed beautiful! I like it!


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