Top 3 Most Hated YouTubers


1. Jake Paul

Jake Paul 
Jake Paul 

He should not have and revolves around cash.
He’s a fool whenever they’re the people who got him where he 31, he cares about is money and perspectives and does not care about his supporters. He’s worst than his brother Logan Paul of his movies are clickbait and should not be viewed. He may be beautiful in movies but life, he is not, he’s disrespectful and rude. When he had been the person who stole it, he gave them a copyright attack and enjoys YouTuber movies belongs in hell. He’s so fake in films, and many of the staff ten members abandoned because he was being rude and mean. He does not have feelings for anybody, not even his brother and parents, that is likely Erika broke up with him he faked trying to draw attention. Jake Paul is the person
I believe that in his movies he acts all sort, but He’s not in the real world all he cares about is himself and money he does not care for his parents and He’s disrespectful he should not be one shirt despised YouTuber he needs to be the very best worst man in the world
He builds this platform, and he’s posting movies a 9-year-old shouldn’t watch. Each of these youngsters is currently going to be subjected to adultery at a young age and observe this crap.

2. Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Alexander Paul is an American friendly networking entertainer and celebrity. He gained fame through movies shared on the video support Vine, such as slapstick pratfalls and breaks that were people.
He is caring towards the company, which prevents suicide, but his awareness and might have done something which folks discovered disgusting. And of course, it is possible to see he wishes to go out of the way and has grown as an individual. The web hates him so much that everybody is attempting to determine the things he strives to encircle him and can. Seriously, people will need not to go out of the way to generate somebody else feel bad about themselves, and everybody (particularly Logan Paul) requires another chance.
He has thoughts that are messed up. You state”second opportunity” like he has not done so many dumb things. I do like him, and I am not only saying this due to prejudice.
He was disrespectful in Japan.
You can not overwrite around having a person that is dead. It was probably a pupil who committed suicide. Seemingly not, although this is expected to be sufficient to get off him net platforms.
I believe logan paul must kill himself can laugh at his body.

3. Onision


Gregory Daniel Jackson, Famous by His Own YouTube username Onision, is an American YouTuber and Internet Character.
Unacceptable as a result of damage he is doing to the YouTubers out there, and I am sure it makes me feel patronized and that countless YouTubers need him entirely off the stage.
Possibly the worst person being to exist on the earth’s surface. The simple fact he resides in precisely the same world as I make me sad.
You mean one was licked by him, or did he use a brush?
I am disgusted with all the energy that he puts out. I feel bad for everybody who sticks around his toxicity along with him.


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