Top 3 Most Famous People 1

Top 3 Most Famous People

1. Jesus Christ

He was a man and God (John 20:28). According to the Bible, He’s God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4).

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Jesus should be number one that he died for us on the cross that he went through so much pain and he is 3rd on the record I do not think this makes any feel any wise man would place him as #1 since he’s #1. Reality check You Reside in a world filled with Jesus
He is a fantastic person, but it does not mean he is very famous, might I remind you.
Who has not heard of Jesus? Quite a well-known bloke, believe he had been in a publication.
Michael Jackson is although there are dozens of locations in Asia.
What is Hitler performing to get a list of famous people (rather than notorious or infamous people)?
Jesus Christ is God’s Son. The prophets prophesied of His coming to function as Sacrificial Lamb on the cross, make us acceptable in God’s view, and to divert us from our sins. We all Will Need to do, to gain God’s favour, would be to take Jesus Christ as Savior and Our Lord. I understand this is a tough concept to comprehend by our mind. Just God’s Holy Spirit opens our soul to Comprehend the enormity of this wonder of Salvation. I suggest people interested, read from the inspiration of God, during the Old Testament, which took centuries to compose and watch. Because these authors wrote each prophecy during the length of centuries, no writing could be real.

2. Michael Jackson

Who does not know me? Famous!
Michael Jackson, as time goes, will find exactly what a genius and thoughts this guy was. More will know this world, his love of trees and his efforts. His qualities will probably be understood to be authentic and genuine. A luminary. Surely a person we loved to see and loved to listen to. A dancer. A being that is gorgeous. Thankful to have lived throughout his period. He was about love. Miss him.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Man MJ is like… Sexy / who in the world wouldn’t acknowledge he is amazing if a person saw his signature would be a damn mob to touch.
Michael Jackson is the king of soda understood by everybody of source, gender, ethnicity, nation and any age. Yes, Elvis and the Beatles were sold over Michael Jackson did guess what and enormous. Michael Jackson sold 350 million albums worldwide. Elvis Presley sold the Beatles 600 million albums as well as 600 million albums in 23 studio records. So Michael Jackson is recorded than Elvis and the Beatles and beneath by 250,000,000 documents in 7. But in China, Japan, India, Thailand, Seoul Philippines mobbed every time that he travelled, Michael Jackson was adored and recognized besides earnings. Africa, he adored out that and had been crowned a king they wanted to see him the weakest sections of Africa went after Michael Jackson. Australia, South America, North America and Europe loved Michael Jackson when he played off the excursions he did

3. Muhammad

Muhammad (570 AD – 632 AD) has been an Arabian Prophet, best called the central figure (and final prophet) of this Abrahamic faith of Islam and is one of the most admired and crucial historical data on the planet.


He’s the best of best for serving humankind since he gave his own life. He married widows, adored kids, given respect to girls and a girl, married but treated her till she turned into a mature. He never did anything. Just told and did precisely what was arranged by Allah and appropriate. But has a fear of burning in hell, attention for humankind and his people than his kids.
MJ can not be contrasted with all the messengers and prophets of GOD… MJ is famous just where T.V. or radio accessible, but Muhammad PBUH and Jesus RA equally are well-known by people in those areas where Media isn’t available…
As my perspective, Muhammad PBUH and Jesus RA are alike famous since every Muslim think Jesus RA as He’s the 1 of prophets of GOD and every Christian understands Muhammad PBUH as Messenger of Islam… And the two Muhammad PBUH and Jesus RA are well known is Jews’ Hindus’ Sikhs and several different religions…
But none compared Michael Jackson, are you mad?
Muhammed treated him, enemies, with regard if they pour animal guts.
That is why he’s the best of the best.

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