Top 3 Most Famous Dragons of All Time 1

Top 3 Most Famous Dragons of All Time

1. Shenron (Dragon Ball)

Shenron (Dragon Ball)
Shenron (Dragon Ball)

Shenron is a fictional arcade character in the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, made by Akira Toriyama.

2. Krak’s Dragon (Polish Folklore)

Krak's Dragon (Polish Folklore)
Krak’s Dragon (Polish Folklore)

In a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill Across the banks of the Vistula River, a dragon lives in legend.
It rages frightening the people of Kraków Each day. Krak stuffs sheep filled with spices and sulfur and leaves the meal. The dragon gulps them. Off the dragon’s gut burns. It beverages the Vistula River to quench the thirst of it. It is bloated, it kills and sodas.

3. Fafnir (Norse Mythology)

Fafnir (Norse Mythology)
Fafnir (Norse Mythology)

I like his portrayal.
In Egyptian mythology, after being influenced by the curse of gold and Andvari’s ring, Fafnir was a greedy stunt but turned into a dragon. His brother Regin asks Fafnir to be slain by that the hero Sigurd since Fafnir murdered their father and that he refuses to discuss it. Sigurd digs a trench throughout the route Fafnir follows because of his drink at the lake. Because he slithers, Sigurd thrusts his sword. In the petition of Regin, Sigurd and Fafnir’s heart cut apart and roasts it. His palms burn on the red-hot soul. When he sucks his hands, the flavor of Fafnir’s blood provides Sigurd the power to know the language of birds. The birds frighten Sigurd that Regin intends to kill him, so Sigurd asserts the treasure and kills Regin.

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