Top 3 Most Common High School Stereotypes 1

Top 3 Most Common High School Stereotypes

1. The Nerd

The Nerd
The Nerd

“YesI understand that.” “The right Definition is” Every college has one.
*happy sigh* My stereotype. This was me. And I’m proud of this.
I am in school, and all through school, I had been tormented for studying or getting my nose. However, I visit a college. Therefore it is all great!
The eyeglasses, the publication, the braces. The essentials to be a part of the cleverest, the Nerds, and category.

2. The Average Kid

The Average Kid
The Average Kid

The Kid that Does nothing wrong and Has Great grades- Essentially Each harem anime’s Part
That’s the child, me, knows everyone, everyone understands me
I was adequate in sports, had friends, got good grades, was excellent, and humorous. But nothing left me to stand out and that I felt average
This is me

3. The Artist

The Artist
The Artist

Absolutely! It is the worst.
I bring a sketchbook with me to the course lol. I consistently get it removed!
Thruout folks would PAY me to do the artwork. It could sound existing. However, it made me a few money and made me hot
The very least can be said by saying that I am developing a personality in my book.

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