Top 3 Minecraft PvPers


1. Huahwi


While he left, he is good at PVP pulling of
Bruh like he is too high, he does not even attempt against the experts.
He is good at PVP, however, I must concur, and I like the movies of Technoblade, Huahwi is better. After departing Minecraft for a short time, he is still good at PVP.
Watched his high, his movie. Someone my buddy would like to fight.
(Buddy gets detained for hacking multiple servers)

2. Technoblade


I mean dude is a legend. Who beats players up using their hands and wins each time?
This dude is amusing but
He ought to because he got not that he destroys individuals
He is unkillable. I have not seen anybody in the background of Minecraft and Technoblade struggle and triumph.

3. xNestorio


See him play. Techno is overrated and for people who think techno was high on Monday, do you understand that a lot of the best papers were not in there, since it went by celebrity. He got instant with Ninja.
Nestor is excellent and ends up conflicts quickly he performed well in MCM and MCS and that he won 2nd place with Ninja and WON two times in MCS…
He would like grape and Possibly Huahwi
He is technology simply terrific.


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