Top 3 Male Disney Villains


1. Chernabog


Chernabog is a Disney villain by the 1940s movie Fantasia, also in his segment, “A Night on Bald Mountain”.
In my Disney movie, it’s Chernabog! Chernabog is your demon that appears from the Night on Bald Mountain segment. He is considered by many to be the best representation of evil in any Disney film. He is extremely effective and ruthless and is feared by everybody. He is the darkest villain to appear in Disney. And for this reason, he is an awesome villain!
He’s among the best villains in film history. Placing such a potent effect on the audience at a classic yet distinctive struggle between good and bad.
Truly the Devil! Scary
He is among the most wicked villains

2. Claude Frollo

Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo

Quite a very long time past, Quasimodo’s mom died so Frollo took ownership of him. During a celebration in Paris, he sees that a gypsy from the title of Esmeralda who stands for Quasi once the townsfolk make fun of him. Frollo also happens to get the best villain song! He sings about Esmeralda will wind up in hell when she can not be his. This is a kids film? Frollo makes this picture dark with him burning Paris looking for Esmeralda. That’s what makes him awesome!

3. Scar


Be ready! He starts by murdering his brother, Mufasa throughout a stampede. Since Simba is the next in line Scar has to eradicate Simba. He tells him to move away and sends his hyenas to kill him. Why did not he just kill him himself? My favorite song in the film is sung by Scar. Jeremy Irons did a fantastic job. Scar dies at the movie’s end and we see what’s left in Hercules. It’s like Zazu said, “He would make a very handsome throw rug”
He’s probably among of the smartest most deceiving of the Disney villains, in my view
He’s the one that attained his intentions


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