Top 3 Legendary Pokemon 1

Top 3 Legendary Pokemon

1. Mewtwo


Mewtwo can conquer any pokemon. As explained in the first film he can earn a storm which may destroy Earth. He has quite a large intellect he was able to reconstruct the lab with no experience in that subject. He is ready to block a pokemon special ability that would get rid of the bat such as a so-called creator of the universe. After he took over nurse pleasure for a couple of weeks. His speed is that the second fastest of the pokemon significance he’d attack first from most. He can find out a vast collection of moves that gives coverage to him. He is in a position to set a barrier around him which reflects all kinds of attacks if you examine the first picture. From the pokemon special he was able to transport a mountain and a lake. In the first picture he is ready to wipe their minds in the memories. And he was able to destroy an entire island and staff rockets headquarters together with
The world-destroying hurricane you’re speaking about is a dub haha. The first Japanese version Mewtwo mentions destroying the islands that there.

2. Rayquaza


It lives in the ozone layer, also stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two Legendaries.
Woot woot! He rocks he’s my Pokemon Aside from coalition and reshivaun
I believe Rayquaza is your best Pokemon. It is genuine mythical they known as super-ancient Pokemon. Contrary to Mewtwo who is made by a person with a sense, nobody knows who generated Rayquaza. He exist before man type, as it stated that Groudon established the property, while Kyogre made the sea. It brings balance to the entire world, once the planet is going to destroy by the energy of Groudon and Kyogre. It isn’t even using some ability to calm down them. It just satisfactory from the sky, starring those two the battle over, as easy as blinking eye. That is the proof of its superior power among the Pokemon itself. It faces two Deoxys at territories. And of course how Rayquaza from the sport. It is the Pokemon that has both 150 Att and Spott. It may out-speed each uber Pokemon except Deoxys, create it

3. Lugia


Lugia, known in Japan as the same Title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise.
On Top 100 Strongest Pokemon he is rated 3rd? Whyhis wings are so strong that if he had been to flap them the end would cause a 40 afternoon storm along with his Aeroblast could take any pokemon that takes him and also he is my mythical pokemon
Lugia is most likely among the best pokemon I’ve in Soulsilver also it beats Giratina in several ways, extrasensory a couple of times and before you detect Giratina has fainted even if it is levels greater like amount 50 lugia and amount 65 Giratina lugia would still possess it.
He is Far Better than ho-oh, definitely worthy of being at the 3

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