Top 3 Ice Cream Flavors


1. Cookies N’ Cream

Cookies N' Cream
Cookies N’ Cream

What’s better than milk and cookies, you understand.
Cream and cookies are. Set in a blender and revel in. Thank you for allowing me to give my view.
It’s yummy as gelato! I’ll eat it everywhere any time delicious and so tasty and also a snack for dessert and parties and movies, wow, I love this taste much.
Cream and cookies are 1—the flavor of vanilla ice cream and the tastes of Oreo blended. You have not lived In case you haven’t ever attempted Cookies N Cream. You need to go and purchase some ice cream, which means you savor the taste in your mouth and can consume it. Go! What exactly are you waiting for! Why are you still reading!

2. Chocolate


Ice cream makes me happy!
I like CHOCOLATE. It’s the best. It’s yummy and cute yummy candy.
Milk swiss. It does not matter all chocolate is excellent. It is fantastic with toppings but still superb without.
I am fat, and I like chocolate ice cream I purchased five boxes of chocolate ice cream more than and ate it.

3. Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint Chocolate Chip

Why it’s tenth, I don’t understand! Best taste!
My favorite! Refreshing mint blended with Chocolate. How do you fail?
Mint makes me happy. I can count to cheer me up if I am EVER upset.
Best ice cream taste palms down. Touch and the flavor of chocolate is a perfect mix. You can never go wrong. It makes me happy, and always’s my go-to taste


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