Top 3 “I Miss You” Songs


1. When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne

When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne
When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne

I like this Tune, and it does say That I miss you at a Manner that is powerfull
Really like this song
While I miss my mother (she died from breast cancer), I hear the Tune. I know it is all about couples and anything, but I like it
Reminds us not to take our shared moments for granted
Just started listening to the Tune, my very best friend went off, and I feel that I feel lonely and that I was able to speak to does not wish to talk to me. I’m beginning to believe they do not want to talk to me personally is because they want to be near her. To cheer me up, she was just like a sister to me and is similar to the side once I am silent, and always understood. I hardly need to time because I have a good deal of homework to speak with her.

2. Always – Bon Jovi

Always - Bon Jovi
Always – Bon Jovi

The missing you Tune
Since I miss my friend and this song makes me feel great, I like this song.
Really like this tune Nightly, play with it.
Love this tune Simply amazing

3. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

My mother died this once I think about her and I play. .
Here really is the song I understand! Also, I believe this is among the greatest songs by GREEN DAY. Great!
This tune reminds me. His departure date and arrival date have been within a month of one another, 25 decades apart, after ten decades of losing him this is when I am thrown back to the grieving process with depression and anger and bartering after his arrival date, I get approval again that he has really gone.
Because it considers mom, I like this song.


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