Top 3 Hottest Male Country Singers


1. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton

Blake is amusing, down to Earth, as well as handsome. Blake’s refusal to behave like someone is sterile, while I am not against the hair dye and skinny jeans of current state musicians. And I’d be lying if I did not mention how natural and sweet he’s with the children of Lady Gwen. Wow! A package.
The combination of gloomy breasts, eyes, endless legs, and have you ever noticed his lovely hands? Do not overlook the dimples! And that smile great humor and a voice to melt off sigh*. Now by how you find guy: Just like a rock – and – warmhearted with sun and laughter in his center.
Blake reminds me of aa naughty southern gentleman full of rugged good looks and charm rather like Rhett Butler. Just the guy can sing number one in my novel!
Jason and blake would be the best looking guys across the country music market.

2. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan

Out of all of the guys, I’ve observed Luke is the sexiest. He’s got the voice of an angel and the smile that is best I’ve ever seen!
He’s the SEXIEST and HOTTEST boy I have ever noticed his grin is amazing luke his voice.
He is HOT. ALL TIME’S country singer! Perhaps you have seen his SMILE? Also, the sexiest and events fantastic smile I have seen in my entire life.
I concur with the smile I have seen in years, number one!

3. Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean

Into Broken Bow Records, a label for, Jason Aldean was signed since 2005.
His voice stones also! An artist with fantastic taste. Yummy! Amazing… (has to inform his drummer to close his mouth when he performs )
Jason is the hottest if you do not agree I don’t understand what is wrong with you he’s your very best and also the best country singer in history! He’s got a voice which nobody can beat!
JASON ALDEAN was hunted for by me since he’s the among all! Others are hot; I mean, resembles a girl! Brad resembles a girl! And Kenny, you have to be joking me Kenny his bald and brief!
He’s so hot! In a hat. I have been to a lot of his movies, and he’s a beautiful singer. There is no one greater than Jason Alden.


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