Top 3 Hottest Anime Guys

You will love top 3 Hottest Anime Guys here. They are very handsome and strong. There is no doubt that we voted for them. Let check it in this article.

1. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

The top 1 hottest anime guys is Sebastian Michaelis,

There are some comments for him:

– Sebastian is since he can do anything, a demon who may spare a woman. Anything. And these hands. Mm. That British accent his voice, along with his taste, is only a couple of the most beautiful qualities. IS N’T HE IN THE TOP TEN COME ON GUYS?

– He’s so HOT! Usui should not be first. He’ll seem like THAT. Usui is going to be an old guy in 50 decades.

– Sebastian has something that I was unable to find in characters, and I might not have the understanding of words to describe him with. The best I could do is to point out his position that is fantastic preserved beautiful hair face, and eyes sexiness, his hotness, and beauty that is authentic is located from inside.

– Cliche? But it so often that are found cliche. Many will look at the simple fact he is under contract, but he would not have done over the things he’s done for the people he’s encountered when he was not a fond being.

I’ll give the advantage have a different flavor, but it’s a simple fact of mine, then you don’t have any preference that if you don’t love what remaining interior of something or a person. If you pay attention to the fact That He’s a fanatic watch them and compare him to the demon butler Claude.

2. Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)
Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

No doubt that Takumi Usui is top 2 hottest anime guys.

We collected some comments for him:

– He works part-time and is a pupil at Seika High School.

– He’s so hot. The cuter and sexy man I ever observed. I was astonished by him. He acts like any terrible boy, but he has profound feelings.

I like every scene, but my best is if I misaki tap his, he seems there did not believe that could occur and had it was so adorable. And if they kissed I was moe moe moe moe from the atmosphere (maid chief said -Satsuki or something) sorry for poor English

– Takumi Usui, he’s perfect! The handsome chef that was amazing, smart athlete survived a leap from the college roof with a fortune that was realt. This mysterious type of perfectionist. Nothing in this universe he can not do. He’s powerful, smart, and pervert! – –

– He’s quite naughty. He is very hot. The character I found. Should you browse Kaichou wa maid-same, I am sure. You may need Usui to become your boyfriend. He is sexy! Felt like I had been in love with him.

3. L (Death Note)

L (Death Note)
L (Death Note)

Death Note is the best movie we have seen ever. We voted L is the top 3 hottest anime guy.

Let see some comments about him:

– L! L is undoubtedly among the most popular guys on the market;3 He is kind of unique, but ‘ts what makes him even sexier! He does attempt to be hot, and he does care what men and women believe, he is just like this. Plus, he is incredibly smart and can be a kid at heart! I love l!

– L, oh my L. In the appearance to the malice appearance I could imagine, that face of yours is entrancing. From the dark hair to a skin that is light, you are so emo, and that sexy. Your design’s ease, in body and clothing, however it is, is just incredible. How you stand the way, it makes you motive 40. You are just like a small owl.

How that you eat all those candies (please discuss ) merely is heavenly. You do not have a pound heavier, though with that tennis all, who is surprised? You sleep with your eyes. I will stare at them the whole time.

You care so much which you tell yourself it is hopeless, although you are so smart, you understood who Kira had been the time. And people’s hearts were brought by the timing of your passing. You dropped, precisely like an owl that was injured, in the heart attack, to the ground, leaving us with your students and Kira.

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