Top 3 Hardest Songs to Play On Drums

1. Dance of Eternity – Dream Theater

Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater
Dance of Eternity – Dream Theater

Easily the song I’ve come across. I’ve observed transcripts of the tune and it’s mind-blowing. My hat goes off to Mike Portnoy with this masterpiece Even though Neil Peart’s components for Rush tunes are amazing. I am really surprised to find Pull Me Beneath is up to now on the listing. Allow me to know when Avenged Sevenfold writes a tune with a few 7/16 steps in addition to 5/8 plus a few 11/4.
This song is the best character and contains toughest drums, but Beneath a GM has drums
It’s quite hard since I’m only 12 played drums for over 5 Decades so for the tune I chose it’s very hard this tune I had like 5 weeks when I did so I never screwed up because I could tell if the matches along with the tune itself I’ve all tool (except guitar ) I was able to perform the double kick because I practiced dual kick last 2 years back for novices do not attempt to do this tune because It’s perplexing

2. Bleed – Meshuggah

Bleed - Meshuggah
Bleed – Meshuggah

Is it possible that this isn’t top? Polyrhythms about the hat, together with the bass drum playing with cross-rhythms and triplets in various time signatures, for 7 minutes… If you’re able to play with this, you aren’t human. You aren’t human, if you’re able to even get the god blueprint.
The simple fact that this is not #1 is a hate crime. Fantasy Theatre is great like no sympathy but when we place the 2 tunes against each other and the drummers I doubt this tune could be learned by fantasy theaters drummer within a timely fashion
Hardest bass tune as well. Troublesome in my view.
This is no wonder, the toughest. Crazy, they do since it is just really hard models live.

3. Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin

Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin
Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin

When I am talking about Moby Dick here, I am referring to the live version of this (Live at Royal Albert Hall, 1970). If that’s the circumstance, the tune has to be number one, the tough time signatures, the fast triplets, the bongo style playing (together with your hands), each one these variables make the tune hard as hell to play with. Now, in regards to its studio version deserves to be so or number 6.
It ought to be on this listing, although there are then this one.
How is this so far down the list? It should be top 5!

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