Top 3 Hardest Runescape Quests 1

Top 3 Hardest Runescape Quests

1. While Guthix Sleeps

While Guthix Sleeps
While Guthix Sleeps

Pursuit ever long 2 shot me a day and all tho’s abilities, and a half and requirments are tough jobs 2 get but it’s well worth it cause its fun and rewards that are excellent
Folks are pusses. This exploration took an hour with the ideal guide. It is a sail at the playground.
I believe this exploration is exceptionally irritating. I could complete this quest. I did not even finish it. Guess what. I am quite lazy.
While this sleep is a very story but lots of needs and supervisors and its long but it’s the recipe for tragedy is even harder and longer since you Want to complete pursuit.

2. Sheep Herder

Sheep Herder
Sheep Herder

Are the words coming from my mouth it was a pain! And after I got the rebellion into the fence that they stated”baa” and hurried off, it was awful, not worth the four quests points that you get for finishing the journey.
This atrocious pursuit design that is horrendous. Enough said.
I don’t know the complaints completed this exploration in under 5 minutes.
Certainly the quest in the game. The way you must herd those hens! It’s terrible the way they put you!

3. Mourning’s End pt 1+2

Mourning's End pt 1+2
Mourning’s End pt 1+2

Holy cow. The puzzles. Not only did you need to defend from colors, but you also had a hell-bent class. So glad I finished.
The mystery never seemed to finish, and it being a dull mystery. Once you neglect the agility, five times shirts as the pursuit, I have done’s pursuit. (Component 2)
The Remaining quests below are some jokes, the toughest it hours of solving a mystery ugh after this one could be Elemental Workshop 3
M. E. Pt. 1 and 2 are mainly very bothersome. For 1, it dyeing the sheep, however, all part 2 is just one enormous mystery, and in addition to this, you’ve got critters that strike 100 strikes anyplace. It a tough quest.

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