Top 3 Hardest Pokemon Romhacks

Be a Gamer, do you want to know top 3 hardest Pokemon Romhacks? We collected and voted top 3 Hardest pokemon romhacks. Find out in this article.

1. Pokemon Crystal Kaizo

Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Pokemon Crystal Kaizo

Top 1 hardest Pokemon Romhacks is Pokemon Crystal Kaizo. The gamer must have skill to win this game.

Some comments for this game:

– Some resort and legally, and Not many individuals have beaten this to savestates in play, and in 1 instance, walk through walls and hacking move sets. Only two unlocked that is powerful exist because of the time of composing.
– Additionally, it has some map design adjustments, such as an absolute endgame, coach gauntlets, and hockey puzzles. Bosses have the best potential move sets, and also an excellent AI to mistreat AI compared to gen 3 AI, because they can utilize Hidden Power. – – You can’t use revives objects that are x, in conflict, just it.

2. Pokémon Stadium Kaizo

Pokémon Stadium Kaizo
Pokémon Stadium Kaizo

Pokemon Stadium Kaizo is the top 2 hardes pokemon romhacks.

Top comments:

– Please… This is Not Hard since it Just Required a day or 2 each,
– No competition. That is the ABSOLUTE HARDEST Pokémon Romhack ever, bar none.
– The Cups. Until you arrive at the end, you may lose many times. No nuzlocke of any hack that is challenging is equally barbarous and cruel as this match.

3. Pokemon Vega

Pokemon Vega
Pokemon Vega

Pokemon Vega is top 3rd hardest. You can try to win the game.

Some comments for this game:

– Picked at the flame starter and I can not get beyond the chuckle at the fitness center. Each mon on how exactly is feeble to stone except Togepi that is futile.
– This is a game that has hard move sets, saddled with a few unfortunate degree spikes, but stays engaging and interesting with fake mon, a few move sets, and a few map puzzles. There is A translation outside.
– This game does not appear to provide you the opportunity to buy restores or revives, which makes the gauntlet stressed.

We just show you top 3 hardest pokemon romhacks. We hope you will try to play this games and winning. Thank you.

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