Top 3 Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls II


1. Fume Knight

Fume Knight
Fume Knight

His stage is unkillable. You free and briefer in 3, but you will be ended by the more fleeting in case, the more massive struck you. Additionally, his position is bothersome. He’s obstructing to get harm but his assault from that position with prizes hits
This man is too competitive for the rate of this game. The next stage is more straightforward but not by far. It is a lot more comfortable to dodge his attacks, although he uses one sword, but god, that the harm that man does in this stage. When you are not careful, he you. If he is not hard enough, you will find statues around his stadium that’ll heal him when he has this battle becomes a disaster so that you need to have them to prevent. The good fortune that makes the struggle harder because he will annihilate them and abandon you soloing a boss with dual, triple, or quadruple his base wellbeing that is tanky.
Imagine playing with Ninja Gaiden will burn you as well as at which you can take three strikes if you stand for a long time on it. That is this boss. There is very little time he will pummel you even when you’re a tank, dodge, and he is extremely fast to forecast, and he’s got a great deal of health. Learn how to dodge, be patient, do not run from healing products, and you have to this particular boss. Obtaining a friend is only going to create his resistances absurd.
It must have taken me hours to get down his blueprint and beat on him. It stuck with me since he can be overcome by me second or first attempt, every moment. Even understanding that no struggle in almost any game has my heart pounding quite enjoy this one.

2. Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets

Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets
Lud and Zallen, the King’s Pets

This is the most crucial place in the whole game.
There aren’t any bonfires within this region.
You will find frequent snowstorms, which makes it tough to determine where you’re going.
During snowstorms, at least one electrical ice horse will bill towards you, and as you can not see well during snowstorms, they will probably deal with damage to you before you can view them. The exception to this is when you’re close.
Eventually, the battle itself.
It is like fighting Aava back (which was a demanding boss to start with), but this time at a far smaller place, and 2 of these in precisely the same moment.
Quite far, this game’s boss. Completing the route was an undertaking that is tricky, let alone carrying the boss! Possessing no next was unkind. I mean, Aava was hard, imagine fighting with two of these required me many efforts!
Among two directors summons aside from the belfry, and I struggled gargoyles. After running through that area that was horrible that I would rather not speak about, I decided that this boss was created unfun and was not worth the attempt. If it had a route leading to 18, the boss is tough and could have possible.
Not that themselves but believe the place is that the circle of gambling hell

3. Ruin Sentinels

Ruin Sentinels
Ruin Sentinels

How are they high on the record? Sure, they are brutal to get a new participant, however, they are a joke for most veterans.
I blew these bastards from the water. They’re a just boss for veterans and a nightmare for noobs
These men are hell
Somewhat harsh but not in my top five.


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