Top 3 Greatest Rap Albums


1. Illmatic – Nas

Illmatic - Nas
Illmatic – Nas

The difference between map and Illmatic is that. Content that defines what it must be and has been. Illmatic is intelligent, creative, down to earth, from where civilization originates from, and UPLIFTING. .its only the simple fact that his mainstream message…I have had a reasonably tough life. I am mad, so I must act out and believe crazy, isn’t actually what sharp hop/rap is all about.
Best hip-hop record, bar none. There’s never been, while Eminem is proficient and there never will be, a much better record than Illmatic, that appears to be Nas on the very top, to say the very least. The creation was near flawless with DJ Premier on the boards; also, Q-Tip and LES had their moments. Hip hop changed, and that’s the reason why there is no record.
It is delivered though they are inspiring, it is the escapes when he speaks in this record, that Nas brings. Each cut appears to provide a synchronism that no other album I have ever heard. It has been 20+ years, and this record still has a few of the lyrically vibrant blend of pubs at the background of rap. Also, the craziest part is that he did so in 1994 when nobody had heard of this synchronizing of words and melody at the history of audio. When producing this piece is that, And of course, Nas has been 19 years old? Is it the craziest rap album of all time since it is easy, not yet, it grows on you and never gets old. And, in the day’s close, is not that how the rap game is likely to be exemplified? How things that are real could be?
Untouchable, unstoppable until the rapture comes, Nigeria says 18, and Nasir Jones Illmatic the way

2. The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem

Lyrically, correct, a shocking record that is eloquent. Should you hate, Eminem goes out and get this album and listen 1-18. You will find it challenging not to honor him. Believe Me!
Everybody can say what they need about Eminem because he’s white. However, this record is a masterpiece; every tune can be unbelievable and is brilliant. Stan is one of the stories I’ve ever heard in themes, and a song including Criminal, Who How I’m, and Knew are tunes that told haters and all of his critics to shut up and hear what he needed to say. He made this record, and that’s what makes this record unique.
Everybody here does not enjoy a white man being at the very top of rap, but that is just the way it is.
To the men and women who say a vast majority of the success of Eminem is because he is white, get your facts straight. Eminem entered the rap game where you were ridiculed rather than taken seriously if you’re a rapper and also white. You needed to be approved by the community to create it. Eminem has had skill and it revealed, but he was disregarded by folks because. All it took was just one guy to take him, and that guy was Dr. Dre. He did not care if you were able to kill the microphone; he wished to use you if the skin has been rainbow. Hell, the associates of Dre underestimated Em. They heard his ability; however, they did not need him because he had been white. He gave him the chance to make it large and also introduce the world to a gift and looked beyond his skin color, and it also worked.

3. Ready to Die – The Notorious B.I.G.

Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.
Ready to Die – The Notorious B.I.G.

That is exactly what hip hop rap is about. Of the tunes are over the top. The game changed. West steak shifted. Pushed it to a degree in hip hop that won’t ever be attained. It was taken by puff outro into beef. Of the monitors came from the radio. The album that’s done that. Illmatic out of gas is an album. This is not a record of hip hop’s gospel. The killing of abundant and pac changed the match, altered the entire world. This record is the best album. His lifestyle was in this, and his passing is within this. It is not a record it the guy in words. It is a thin line between love and love. Despise or love It this argument is finished. As rick flair’s words to be, the guy has been beaten by you. The guy took the name and was dead.
I’ve listened to the ones, although I have not heard to rap masterpiece nonetheless. But I like every song on this record! My favorite! Do not download tunes. You will need the entire thang.
One of the best hip hop records of all time set cost hip hop on the map. This introduced the entire world and biggie. The lyrics are smart, and the stream is perfected. That is hip hop. Every song is incredible. This ought to be at the top .
Truly a pity, he released two albums.
I convinced that hip hop could be excellent when completed by a master, such as a biggie.


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