Top 3 Greatest Pitchers of All Time 1

Top 3 Greatest Pitchers of All Time

1. Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan

Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr., nicknamed The Ryan Express, is a former Major League Baseball pitcher along with Also a Former chief executive officer of the Texas Rangers.
He’s presently an advisor to the Houston Astros’ owner.
Possibly the best due to the durability of his profession. I mean, 27 seasons is quite mad, especially in comparison to this modern age where pitchers can go a couple of years where they’re great, then blow their arm out, have Tommy John surgery, and fight to get a couple more years until they fizzle out at the minors. You need to look at when baseball was marginally his ERA was out of time, although Walter Johnson might be a second.
292, although 324 wins lose. He is 14th all-time in wins, but THIRD all time. Through the years that he had been about the Astros with Mike Scott, Scott pitched better than Ryan (so much for its offensive team concept ). No-hitters and strikeouts are fantastic, but his job was to win and that he was not a winner.

2. Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson

Place many pitching records a few still endure after these years. One batter said that the ideal way to strike him was to swing if his arm came. He was called the most fearsome he faced by ty Cobb.
Struck Cobb 3x in 11 years and one match outside using manage under two ought to be second-best ever if not
Johnson only defeats him wins, ERA, Shutouts, and Total Games… Not that they are essential.
The Big Train that held that the all-time strikeout record for half a century, isn’t 4th, people that his magnificence is slowly disappearing into the mists of time.
Most exceptional pitcher by far. Maddux, Alexander, and Grove are also excellent, although not in his level of dominance, that is.

3. Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax
Sandy Koufax

The area was Dodger Stadium. I remember it well, even today, nearly 50 decades later, there are instances when it appears as it was since you see, I had been a 15-year-old lad who had the fantastic chance of sitting in the stands that night together with my father watching the match.
A total of 27 Chicago Cubs came into the plate at night, and each one of these was retired so by the best pitcher of all time, Sandy Koufax. This had been the forth where he threw a no-hitter, although the first match. Koufax also put a new record of 14 strikeouts by a pitcher hurling a listing that hasn’t been surpassed, a no-hitter.
In the event the mythical Bob Feller thought Koufax was the greatest that there ever was, that is good enough for me also, brother, for you see, on September 9
Three-time pitching triple crown winner for all baseball and pitching time Cy winner to strike out 300 batters for all baseball and the only pitcher in modern history after hammering his walks.
He and Koufax won 3 days to more or 25 matches and 30 games, respectively. Four no-hitters in 4 years in a row along with a perfect match.
Koufax retired at 30 years of age.
No pitcher is shut. Throughout the ’60s, other pitchers’ stats aren’t near, by how 61 planet series strikeouts and a.095 era.

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