Top 3 Greatest Musicians of All Time


1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael is also Called The King of Pop (a name given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or beneath
POP’S king named, nobody has moved all four corners of the world just like he did! A true Legend.
Whatever remarks you have that the individual, you cannot deny the gift that is. Pop is my kind of music – stone and metal are. However, Michael WAS a rock superstar.
Michael is.
Every son he left has been deserved a few one place
Best all about ability. Bar none. Closest is although the Beatles, they as a team, turned into a worldwide influence because this dude or did not have close the longevity!

2. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

Together with George Harrison, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr, he gained fame with the rock group, the Beatles, among the bands in the history of rock and pop songs.
Is Michael Jackson in the first location? Do not get me wrong, I like his songs, but Paul knows how to play with 50 + tools! Michael Jackson knows how to play with the drums, the guitar, and the keyboards
Except for the vocals in Beatles, he needed a successful solo career.
Paul McCartney is a genius. He performs with it, and can play any instrument he picks up. He had been one of the forces at the best group of all time of 2. His versatility is incredible (particularly the solo career), and he’s still making fantastic music!
Paul McCartney was a part of the band on the planet but has performed more by setting documents and criteria that other people have to dream about. Though his music isn’t quite as varied as state David Bowie’s, he remembered and sets the bar, which makes.

3. Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb

Andrew Roy Gibb has been a British singer, songwriter, actress, and teen idol.
Doing charity acts and volunteer work does not make a person the best musician of all time. His brothers – Maurice, Robin, and Barry – were far and far more talented than Andy was. The Bee Gees stay among the best groups of all time, which does not include Andy Gibb.
Andy was if he didn’t leave us in a young 24, a singer and performer who’d nevertheless be creating hits tunes. He’d have been singing together with his brothers that the Bee Gees. And Andy loved his supporters. He is missed.
Andy Gibb has been a dazzling singer, songwriter, and performer. Voice and his looks created women everywhere love him. Hemissed’ll always be loved and remembered by friends, his loved ones, and lovers all over the globe.


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