Top 3 Greatest Cities in the World


We will show you top 3 greatest Cities in the world in this post. This cities are very popular and beautiful. Let check out.

1. London, England

London, England
London, England

Top 1 greatest Cities in the world is London, England. They has Big Ben Clock and very beautiful.

Some comments for it:

– Standing on the River Thames in the southeastern part of the island of Great Britain, London is a significant settlement for two millennia.
– London is the best town on the planet. It beats New York palms down. The History of Britain is so varied and stretches farther back than that of the United States, and a lot of this fascinating culture of the is situated in London. The Dramatic architecture of London includes Buckingham Palace, St James’ Palace, Wellington Arch, the Victoria Memorial, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey London Bridge. (The list goes on) All you have to do is watch clips of the Olympics last year and acknowledge how the 2012 games are tagged the BEST. London is the only city to host the games three times. As well as this the world has been fascinated by the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding. London is the world lives and watches.

2. New York City, U.S.A

New York City, U.S.A
New York City, U.S.A

Top 2 is New York City, USA. They are the largest and most popular city in the world.

Top comments:

– You have probably never been out New York.
– If you do not understand what parochial way, look it up and if you are at it, appear iconic. You do not know what that means because there’s nothing irresistible concerning New York. London is where it is at. History. You can keep new York. Where it is in London, and other European cities are.
– Folks have stated that London’s background is over New York, but the US is a new and young country in comparison to other nations. The main issue is that it became the world’s number 1. London’s benefit is the fact that it’s within Europe. It might draw more tourists if the US were close to Europe as the UK. The advantage of London is the fact that it’s near Europe Like I said.
– Best city in the entire world. Incredibly desktop and home to culture.

3. Paris, France

Paris, France
Paris, France

And top 3 greatest cities in the world is Paris, France. They are the most romantic City in Euro.

Some comments:

– Since the 17th century, Paris was among Europe’s major centres of finance, diplomacy, trade, fashion, science
– This terrific city has been seen five occasions by us.
– Such lovely, cultural, historic (covering all of the previous 25 centuries), capital of style, of haute couture, of gastronomy, of artwork.
Just be cautious, only in certain crowded touristic areas, with a few people coming from – Eastern Europe (pickpockets, Three-card Monte), Italy (tear away, deception, fraud) North Africa (medication, counterfeit goods ).
– Always ask tourist info, what the very best.
– But it’s the fantasy-like USA.

We already introduced the top 3 greatest cities in the world. Hope you like it. Thanks so much.


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