Top 3 Girls In Pokemon

Do you know top 3 Girls in Pokemon? They are the most beautiful and cutest in Pokemon World. Today, we will show you who are they. Don’t Skip this article!

1. Misty


Misty is top 1 cutest girls in Pokemon. She very pretty, strong and funny.

Here are comments about her:

– She specializes in hot water Pokemon & the gym pioneer in the city. From the games, she is called’ the mermaid that was a tomboy.’
– She’s helped grown Ash to be determined to his Pokémon aims as a coach and person, unlike the rest who just tagged along (mostly). She did reveal signs of having a fascination with Ash.
– Misty is the person who is the finest in sophistication and attitude and never forgets as Ash’s spouse!
– She’s the ideal. I cannot compare her. She’s the only and one
– Sure she’s possibly a red redhead she cares a good deal about her friends, and she saved Ash. Misty rocks!

2. Dawn


Dawn also the top of girls in Pokemon. She has a strong personality and cute.

Some comments about her:

– From pearl, the matches diamond and platinum model she was one from. Should you decide on Lucas, her counterpart, She’ll be a helper for professor Rowan.
– Morning and ashes are fanon sunrise, and Kenny is just one-sided on the side sunrise of Kenny and me canon
– Sexy cockroach. Hope she’s mood swings
– She is so adorable. I want to possess sex in the vagina. She is just too cute…
– For that she is, the poke girl I enjoy. I enjoyed May, Misty, Mallow, and Serena because they had been fair, thought Lana was somewhat dull and did not like Lillie or even Iris. Dawn is the best and that I replicate the Very Best.

3. Cynthia


The top 3rd girls in pokemon is Cynthia. She has a long yellow hair and very cute.

Top comemts about her:

– She not number-one?!? Shes are sexier than Flannery!
– The best winner ever, Cynthia.
– Fantastic Option
– Sexy! Why is not She’s best woman? so sexy!

We showed you top 3 cute girls in porkemon. Hope you like that. Thank you.

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