Top 3 Fursuit Makers 1

Top 3 Fursuit Makers

1. Made Fur You

Made Fur You
Made Fur You

Doesn’t Permit You to Buy a fursuit If You Are Not a Fantastic friend to the makers that are Dumb
Their suits are either’meh’ or’ high’. They are not ideal or groundbreaking, but they get the job done. I have high expectations for lawsuits because their suits don’t satisfy my requirements; therefore, I have not purchased from them. Additionally, they are costly for moderate outfits.
I disagree, although some folks on here say that the rates are significant. Made Fur and I browsed through fursuit founders that are specialist. You had the best deals. Their fursuits are excellent, have high quality, and they’re the organization to if you desire a fursuit to appear up.
I adore their fursuits! They have quality and great prices. They seem nice, so I am considering getting mine from that point in a couple of years.

2. Don’t Hug Cacti

Don't Hug Cacti
Don’t Hug Cacti

Do not Hug Cacti includes a beautiful exterior, but an inside. Since they’re hot and have they’re an ideal organization. Of having headaches from sporting the 10, clients complained. The interior is stuck on by A number of the paste. They’re incredibly snappy for their clients.
I discovered that DHC comes with a TERRIBLE Fursuit quality. Like they’re too little or too loose, they’ve seams and holes popping up, and lots of other awful things.
I have a DHC fursuit. The lawsuit fits nicely and is comfortable. It’s beautiful and durable looking to boot up. I have worn suits, and also my DHC is the best concerning area and venting.
Do not hug cacti is a maker. They are very kind to their clients, but should you nitpick or agro them; they will be”eloquent” allegedly. Additionally, quality takes time.

3. Beetlecat


Appears Cool
I Would like a fur match one day, and this Individual Appears to have exceptional evaluations
Suits I’m looking for a fursuit myself.
She’s amazing the best I’ve ever seen.
Amazing matches that are realistic!

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